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September 17, 2011



Didn't head out myself but I had as much fun looking at all the things you found! What a great table and it even folds too! Cute cat....love homemade things.
Glad you had a good weekend :-)

Lynn Spencer

I love all the goodies that you found today. Our area does not have estate sales the way your area does. People around here do auctions and those are not every week. Maybe one or two a month. I enjoy looking at all the goodies you find and then I go looking thorough my drawers, attics, closets and storage trunks to see if I can find items that I forgot I had. I had a good week shopping at home!! I pulled stuff out, cleaned it up, and put it on display and my hubby was like when did you get that or where did we get that from?? I love the look on his face when I said from the attic or I found it in the hope chest in our room! Have a great week.

Mich in Mich

i swear, you'd never-ever find these all-to-cool estate sale goodies in michigan.

probably why i love checking your treasures out!

thanks for sharing... i never get tired of your blog!

off to read my NEW book!

Mich in Mich


Out of all the goodies you found this weekend, my fav is the chenille gal. I just want to pinch her cheeks and pet her because she looks so soft.


I will find a metal picnic basket someday, I will find a metal picnic basket someday, I will find a metal picnic basket someday.........:)

I guess I should ask to see your Vintage Picnic Baskets on a future Collection Challenge.

Everything you found this week is just perfect!


Oh my goodness - a great weekend of sales. I love that metal picnic basket and the plastic doilies - totally would have bought those myself. Good picking!


I've been kicking myself for forgetting to pick up that little aqua tree. I'm glad it ended up among friends.

The chenille girl is fabulous.

Good work. It was a great weekend for sales.

Meri Wiley

Holey Crap woman......you're tearin' my heart out! Just kidding, I'm so glad you get to find all these goodies, and that you share them with us. I have the exact same squeaky lamb, except yours looks like the picture of what I thought I was buying on Ebay. What I got, is an old cracked, filthy, ex-squeaky toy lamb, that looks nothing like what I bought. It's not often I get burned on Ebay, but since it's my only way of finding goodies (like the ones you find down the street practically), I have to just keep taking my chances.

Keep having Friday estate fun miss EthelMagpie, I'll keep dropping by to drool!



Super score. I cannot pick a favorite. But have to admit that metal game table of your that you already have in your stash is one of my absolute favorites because of the graphics. Just a charming piece because it is so rare. This one is neat o keen. More of a teen look than the other. Your magnet was on in rare form thank goodness. What goodies I can't wait to see what you do with them. Have a great weekend...smiles...Renee


I've been so busy and away from blogging and I've missed my Magpie!! Never stop showing your treasures. They inspire more than you know.

LOOOOOVe the laundry basket!

Rois Dahms

My creative mind is churning over the black yarn cat.

So,is it made from twisted yarn,almost like a skein of yarn or floss?

Halloween at our house is a BIG thing and if I could make one of those cats it sure would look great with my vintage paper mache pumpkins.


Persistence pays off! I love the black cats most of all.


Well, I was just going thru my piles of stuff, to list, to sort and said to myself, "self, no more shopping, you must clear out what you have" Then I read your blog and all bets are off, I wanna go right now! Your blog is bad for me, makes me want to shop NOW! LOL Great finds, I especially love the black kitty (perfect for halloween, ya!) and the cutie laundry basket on wheels. Thanks for sharing! You make it seem so effortless.

Groove Cloth Kathy

Oh that fabric. Dying.

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