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September 12, 2011



Well.....you've found your calling that's for sure :-)Being such a creative soul and making other people happy with your creations and blog.That's probably why things keep finding you LOL.
Here's wishing you a "Happy Day" too.


Don't you wonder what was originally in the "outing case"? Maybe I'll google it and see what I find.


Ok, I looked it up... it originally had plastic picnic plates, cups, etc. and sold for $3.49. I saw a old newspaper ad listing it On Sale for $2.88.

Someone had a listing (recently) asking $75 !!!

A Happy Bargain at $5. Who hoo

Lisa W.

Love it filled with your little trees ... to DIE for ! It is so you .


Truly a happy day to see all of your Halloween eye spys waiting their spun heads. And your estate sale - I always look at them now with an eye to a possible new Collection Challenge. I don't think there is anything vintage you don't collect, and that makes my day happy! Elizabeth



While you have a fantastic blog that makes us all drool on a daily basis, the other great thing you do is reply to each and every comment. I would certainly read your blog anyway, but it is appreciated. Great that you found that "happy day" kit. I have actually seen that one time in an antique store. Super cute, especially filled with all those awesome trees!


What a perfect case for you!! And a great deal too!!




Oh happy day. Right.


Wonderful graphics...great storage...right up my alley. I love how it stays open. Your coined phrase is uniquely you...Smiles...Renee

Anita Tinlin

I am sure you hear this all the time...but how do you get so lucky? Is it geography? I go to estate sales as often as I can here in the metro Atlanta area and I rarely find good stuff like you do. I know the rules of estate sailing (saling?) - I head to the basement first, then do the garage, then do the spare bedrooms (I collect vintage fabric and am always on the lookout for the sewing room). I am not afraid to get down on the floor, did deep into boxes, or get dirty, but I don't score the way you do.
Thanks for the photos - I enjoy it all very much.
BTW, how about your collection of items made out of vintage greeting cards? You know, those really tacky (I love tacky!) bowls and boxes made out of Christmas cards crocheted together?

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh My Lord! If I had seen that, I would've bought it for you, and I haven't even met you yet!

Like I said before, the Universe truly leads you to all things Laurie, doesn't it? Happy Day indeed!

P.S. I'm sure I speak for many readers, that we do not expect emails every time we comment. :)

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