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September 04, 2011


Into Vintage

I bet there are 24 girls oohing & ahhing over Kate's mom's vintage stuff! Such a perfect setting and it sounds like the entertaining gene has been passed on to the next generation. :-)

Into Vintage

PS Is this possible? I've reviewed your *very long* list of collections and didn't see a 'Vintage Santas' list...so please show me your Vintage Santa collection! (Feel free to subdivide -- Santas Under 4' Tall, Santas Wearing Glasses, Santas with Green Mittens, Blow-molds, Die-cuts ... because I think you've probably got a bunch of these) ;-)


I wish I was Kate's friend - that looks like a fun place to be!

I love the mixed up silverware you have and I have been trying to find more, but I still only have one coveted pink gingham fork. The rest must have all ended up in Oregon!

It is only 70 degrees here in Arkansas today - crazy weather but I am LOVING it.

kim k.

I am sneaking blog reading from my daughters tree house. What a darling party. All the details are just perfect.


This is one of my favorite posts of yours ever, and that's saying something ... like getting an extra issue of Country Living, only better. (I have one of those vinyl tablecovers with red flowers, and they are wonderful!) 90s in Portland? Amazing.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You definitely have it all down to a science! I love the mixing and matching, and I bet all of the kids have always wanted to hang out at your house. So charming!


40 snack sets isn't crazy-it is just a start!! I have at least that many, it is hard to pass them up. I just went to a thrift shop that was selling $3.00 bags and I loaded up on more snack sets. The woman working said she remembered how they were a popular wedding gift when she got married in the 40's. Sold! When I hear a story like that it makes me treasure them all the more. Sorry about your 90's temp-we actually have been having a nice weekend. The over 100 temps for 50 plus days have broken. And by over 100 I mean 105-110 most days. Our yards look rather sad.
Did you see The Help? The umbrella in it is like yours. The sets alone are worth going to see the movie. That and it is a wonderful story!


Laurie, it sounds absolutely splendind! I think that I can hear the girls laughing!! What a perfect day and I love that you used the ironing board!! Great idea. Loved this post. Have a great Labor Day. Kathy


I bet the girls had a wonderful time with all the pretties around them!! I love the color choices and those green and pink chairs (though not vintage) are super cute!! Happy Labor Day,


Oh my word what a party!! Everything looks soooo nice! Love the table cloths to!!!


I bet those girls had so much fun, what a nice memory for them.


How fun!!! I'd go back to highschool just so I could qualify for the party! :)


You and I think alike, girl!! I can only have parties in the summer because my house is small but I am fully outfitted for the backyard bash in much the same way you are. I have a collection of vintage tableclothes, mostly in blue colors, and just build around that. I love your collection of party silverware. I have a huge stash, as well, just just odds and ends I don't mind if someone throws away and not pretty like yours. Love how colorful they are!


Don't even tell me you broke a sweat up there in the cool NW. What a great time to celebrate back to school. With all those vintage treasures you would have to beg me to go home...Lovely as ever...Renee

Carol T.

Loved looking at the party pictures. Everything looked so cheerful and fun.

Groove Cloth Kathy

Very cute supplies. Always full of fun ideas. Love the green enamel pot with the spigot.

I have been picking up those rectangular ridged class snack trays with square bottomed punch cups for a friend who wants to use them for her three daughters' wedding receptions, bridal showers, etc. She must be up to 100 by now, but still wants more.

p.s. So excited to be heading into fall of 2011! Almost another year read! Phew!

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