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September 29, 2011



Cute....I have one of those and it has a handle on it in a pretty vintage aqua color. I bet they would look good in a different shade. Thanks for turning me on to a spray paint can! I have things lined up to paint now LOL :-)
Amazing what a can of paint can do!


It really shouldn't surprise me that I too have several of these planters. I just like the old look of them and now that you suggest spray paint I am all over that. I love a minty green! I like when you post ideas of what you plan to do with things-sparks my imagination too.
Keep giving us great ideas!


Ooohh pretty! I like them just the way they are! :)


I see pink, but I often see pink.


Don't see it...but I know you do. Which is why I never stop coming back. I am pretty sure my mom had one of these in avocado green...I want to see what you do with them....smiles....Renee


Laurie, Your rattle collection is just wonderful! When I come across them here in Ohio they are always so very expensive. A small one might be 20.00! Love these plastic baskets, too. As usual, I have to come here to find out what I didn't know I like! Have a great weekend! PS May I please post my check to you next week, Thursday as I have relatives in town? Thank you very much! Elizabeth


These are adorable...not sure if I have seen them before. Happy collecting. xoxoxx

One Gal's Trash



Elizabeth mentioned the rattle collection on this post and wouldn't they look cute displayed in these lattice containers! I have a couple of these, too, but they are more short and wide, like a compote shape. I only have two so not quite a collection, but you know THAT goes - tehe!

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