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October 04, 2011



I love this collection!! Could not pick a favorite one but that stork and rooster are pretty darn cute!
This is one collection I could get hooked on very easily.
Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week.


Well you made my morning with these cute squeak toys!I have a big collection of assorted ones.I've been collecting for years.No storks though.If I ever come across one....it'll have to make it's way to your house :-)


Couple of things here...First off that stork is beyond amazing. By far the most impressive vintage find I have seen in a while. Features are outstanding...color muddy with glory. Little girl looks so much like you I can't stand it. Just love her. I am smitten with the way the boys look in the shadow box. Perfectly placed of course. Love love love Remple. The reindeer...oh my. I am so glad you got these so that I can drool all over them. Do you have a collection of pins. Stick pins. I have come upon a few in pincushions lately that really have been fancy. How bout fabric that you must have? Even though you don't sew? Just love the vintage feel of it. Thanks for the squeaks...Smiles...Renee


Love the hard knock santa and the squeaky friends! Thanks for sharing!

Into Vintage

Another eye-opening post ... I'd never heard of Rempel before this moment. Please write a book/encyclopedia about vintage. :-)


The only thing that would make this post better is a button to click for a squeaky sound effect.


I have never seen so many cute squeaky characters. I especially love the third one down.

Meri Wiley

Oh my Gosh woman!!!!!! Are any of these for sale?????? I must have the stork, the Rooster, and the two boys. I know, I'm always bugging you to sell me something (hey I have bought from your Etsy store). Please let me support you more, let me put your kids through college.....would $10 or $15 be better?

Okay, teasing aside, please let me know if any of these are ready to take flight out here to Arizona! I'd adore them properly....I swear!



love Eva ,-)


Sweet collection - love the stork and the rooster!! I wonder whatever happened to that little football player my mother's little poodle loved to play with....


Love the squeaky toys. Especially the stork, especially his shoes!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

What a fun collection! I'm still trying to find a Mobley squeaky dog like the one I had when I was little!


That stork is soooooo cooooolllll!!!!!!! He looks older than the 50s too. I would have pegged him for 40s. Gotta love that vintage look.

Cyndi Mauroni

I just found a cute squeak toy bride at a sale. I love those two little boys though.


The tall girl is Little Audrey the comic character



What a fun collection. Another item I knew nothing about until I read your blog. I love it, I literally learn something new every day! That santa with the paint rubbed off looks like a gurley candle (another item you shouldn't store in your attic) :)

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