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October 18, 2011



Well, I thought I was over my love affair with owls but you have a couple of real treasures! The clicker and the whistle -- so cute. I especially love the honeycomb owl with his tongue hanging out. What a hoot!


Congratulations on your 75th Collections Challenge!
I always try to find a challenge for you........I'll have to think harder because if anyone would have enough stuff for a challenge, it would be you :-)

Thanks for the pics!


Nice! Love what you did with the crepe paper owl.


Fantastic. I wish for 175 more! Mr. Owl that opens the show is wonderfully graphic and would never have thought to stick these in the wire frogs. The details of lovely old toys are so simplistic and genius at the same time. Sometimes the need for electronics can rob the imagination right out of a kid...smiles....Renee

Musings from Kim K.

I have a thing for owls. I'm completely smitten with your collection. Keep the collections coming!!


Things of yours that I want: 1. Owl clicker. 2. Owl crown 3. Owl frame. (I think you were having a little toooo much fun with your whoooos!)


Wow, I LOVED the black cats, but whooo knew you had all these fantastic owls??? Now which one do I love more? I can't decide so just go ahead and send it all my way! LOL!

Lynn Spencer

Love, love, love your owls!
Thanks for sharing!

Into Vintage

I know Barabara already called it but that framed owl is pretty dang cute!

In your mailbox...vintage is coming at you from everywhere.


So many cute owls, I love the clicker. Brings back alot of childhood memories.


Owl I can see is WHO would have thought you could have 75 challenges! It's such a Hoot! I can't wait for the next and the next! E


Congratulations on your 75th challenge. I look forward to every one! Holy cow, I officially no longer feel guilty about my "accumulations" and things I accidently collect.

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