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October 25, 2011



Now I'm hungry for candy bars! LOL
Another great collection.I'm still trying to think of a challenge for you.
Vintage graphics on things are the best.....love the Oh Henry bars you added too :-)

Mitzi Curi

Wow, what a great collection of candy boxes! I love how the old ads for candy made it sound like a health food, "for energy". All that changed after Ralph Nader came along!

Heather Donohue Crafts

I love getting lost in your world! Get a book deal so I can have a hard-bound tome with all this fantastic stuff to peruse.

In the meantime, Show me your collection of MUSHROOMS, and Show me your collection of spun (pressed) cotton head figures!


what a sweet collection!

Lynn Spencer

I have two vintage candy boxes. Hershery chocolate bars and Hershey kisses box! I found them in an old house we were cleaning out for a family friend. They let us keep what we found. Didn't find any big things that day but lots of little things that I just love!!
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful collections with us!
Have a wonderful day!




Eating mini Tootsie Rolls as I read. These workplace candy bowls this time of year are irresistible. As are your candy boxes.


Be good to your goblins - love that!

Elizabeth Holcombe

Once again one of your collections confirms my opinion that no on in the northwest tosses anything out. The graphics sure are "swell" :)~~And, darn, I was planning on handing out vintage candy...~~~XXOO, Beth


Ha! Beth is correct in her analysis. Judging from your amazing collections it is the only truth there can be. It used to be a vintage ad was a dime a dozen but now even those are rare. But I must say candy boxes I have never seen. What a wonderful sweet treat to remind us of when candy really was a rarity. Smiles...Renee


What a fun, yummy collection! I love the ones with the great halloween graphics! I am so glad that older generations held on to stuff. You know those boxes would probably be tossed out nowadays. The difference I think is that today everthing is so disposable and people have so much of everthing they don't think twice about throwing things away. Kinda sad when you think about it.


What a fun collection of vintage boxes....I guess the trick or treaters wouldn't come back if you handed out the vintage goodies...haha

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What a great collection of candy boxes! I love how the old ads for candy made it sound like a health food, "for energy".


Holy Halloween candy Batman! Love it! :)

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