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November 01, 2011



I'm still in Halloween mode too so this challenge is still nice to see this morning.
Love the vintage illustrations....can't beat that!Sounds like your house was the one to be at last night :-)
My black and orange will slowly be put away this week.
Have a great day.

Musings from Kim K.

Thank you for one last Halloween post. I'm feeling a bit sad the day after Halloween. We have soooo much to pack up. Halloween Hugs!!


You know how much I love this collection! I would not want to go through 12 bags of candy, but I wouldn't mind a few trick or treaters - not a single one in 17 years! (Too far out in the country. It's a mixed blessing!)

Lynn Spencer

Thanks for sharing those beautiful
plates and napkins!


They sure don't make em like they used to!! Such great graphics. We get no trick or treaters out here. I miss that.


Oh I agree with Annette;) Love all the graphics to!!!


Thanks for showing one last Halloween category (and one of my favs) Thought it was very appropriate as I just sent you an addition for that collection. I can't believe you went thru 12 bags of candy! We only gave out one. Well, kinda sad the orange and black has to go, but since our weather is about to turn much colder tomorrow it may just put me in the Christmas spirit!


I cannot believe the detail in these last few paper napkins. How at all cost they made it through all those years. Just an unbelievable collection of sweet and simple vintage days...smiles...Renee


Love those vintage graphics! As always, there's something in your post that triggers childhood memories... I love that.

Into Vintage

No more orange and black but you know what that means ... RED & GREEN!


I love thoe ones in the non-traditional colors. Those are so unique and tell a story about a time before everything became the typical orange and black we are used to now. Great collection!


Love this post! We had 843 trick or treaters this year. The weather was perfect! This was the most we ever have had, last year was around 700. My neighbors love Halloween too and really decorate up so we pull kids in from all over. It is really fun to see the crowds.
I can't wait to see your Christmas decorating.

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