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October 07, 2011



Here I am, living vicariously through you, and you did not disappoint. What a great haul. I especially love that little white tree. That is just the type I am watching for to display my new collection of pink ornaments in my art room. Perfect! Can hardly wait to see the "rest of the story"!


Glad you did so well Laurie!There seems to be a lot of sales out there tomorrow too. Maybe I'll bump into you again tomorrow...Good Luck Junkin!


I don't want to talk about it!!


SIGH.........Okay, I'm jealous now. You know vintage Christmas is my fave too. Oh Well, at least I know that all this vintage goodness is going to you at least......who deserves it :-)
Double SIGH....
I have one of those Santa Elves too.Never thought about it that it looks like a skirt LOL.
Guess you must be one of Santa's Elves! Can't wait to see the rest.

Into Vintage

As soon as I saw 'Part 1' in the title I thought, "She's hit the mother lode!" if this is a 2-parter. :-)

Debra Ganas

That's it!! I am selling everything and moving to your area. I would never in a million years find such "vintagey" goodness in one day. Here,it is mostly plastic and "Dollar tree" items.
But I'm happy for you, Laurie. Not sure how you will top this post since Christmas is my favorite.


I'm gonna throw up!!!

I'm with Debra, I'm packing up and moving to your side of town!

Hey, come visit my blog and check out my latest scores. I wanna make you proud!



Oh those sweet ornaments are just enough to make the white tree full. Love those Santas. The first one that is a little tilted and sad just yummy. My question is how do you get the musty smells out of your finds. I have such a hard time getting them out of the fabric like ornaments. Can't wait to see what else you found. Have a great weekend...Smiles...Renee



Gina @ Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Wow! And I thought I had hit the Christmas mother load this weekend! Great finds!


Leave it to you to find transgender Santas. I guess it was bound to happen.
Estate sales around here are NEVER like the ones you find. I swear midwest women must not have the holiday hoarding gene. Well, I am here to change all that. Just give me 40 more years and someone will think they hit the mother lode when they attend my estate sale!

Lynn Spencer

okay, down south in North Carolina I am turning soo green with envy over your amazing vintage Christmas finds!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!! You are a lucky shopper for sure!!
Hugs and enjoy your weekend!


wow what great treasures!!!


Great holiday haul Laurie! I just bought a similar box of putz houses. It was a little village but mine was missing the original string of lights. Ok by me cuz I don't trust old lights anyways!! They look a lot like yours. LOVE those mica birds!

Groove Cloth Kathy

What do you do with all those plastic nativities? I have become obsessed with them this year. I think I want a little tree with them all over it lit up... or something like that.

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