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October 08, 2011



*sob* *sob*

I honestly cannot imagine how you find SO MUCH good stuff. You are amazing.


PS have you shown you Thermos collection yet????? I got a good one yesterday too.


Ooh! I like those pink dotted pipe stems! I'm already envisioning them as Valentine legs. Soap dishes! Oh my gosh do I remember every bathroom having one. I guess soap pumps have made them obsolete! Have a great fall weekend! Elizabeth


I can see you using that ribbon there on some spun head creations for the 4th.
I spy a little elephant, oh boy I love elephants and he's a sweet one too.
Those green towel racks are so retro and charming. Also especially loved the two tins with the fruit on them. I have a set of three tins vintage style in reds but I bought them new as reproductions.

Musings from Kim K.

Amazing, amazing, amazing. I'm still green with envy on your 1st post. I'm totally smitten with your Halloween paper plates. Simply divine!


You know it is getting to the point that I have used all my adjectives to describe your finds. I really don't know how you do it every time. What do the other people take home? Because you clearly take the good stuff...the pink stuff...the Christmas stuff...the cute graphic stuff...oh thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to see what might be at a sale someday for us.....Smiles...Renee

Laura and Michele

WOW! You find the best stuff! So many pretty pinks :), and those little dolls are the best!


Oh, what a day you had!! I adore those canisters and the hammered aluminum coffee coffee pot.

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

I'm quite certain that I would squeal with delight if I found any of the pink kitchen stuff!! So fabulous!


SIGH...... :-)

Into Vintage

I think Shara said it best with her comment. *sob* ;-)

I love that Humpty is an 'action' cut-out card with his wagging tongue and military outfit. Hope that doesn't scare the kids!


I have been really trying lately to keep from thrifting so I can focus on saving. Then I look at your posts and I'm totally inspired to get out there! Afterall, I DO sell some of it on Etsy!


Laurie you truly have a gift. That and a lot of good sales. It takes me months to find a sale 1/10th that good. I love those halloween plates. I am in full on Halloween mode right now! Are you going to use the pink plastic items in your kitchen? Great stuff as always!

Groove Cloth Kathy

Did some of these pink kitchen items make it into the beach house?

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