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October 01, 2011



You found some great Christmas stuff, and OH that pink corsage! Swoon!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

WOW, what a great sale that was Laurie! Pretty much all of the holidays were covered, but I think that little mystery guy is my favorite. He's such a cute little.....whatever he is!


Score for you. those cardboard bells are amazing. Along with absolutely every thing else. The floral tin and gnome headed man? cute. Number three is a great number for you. I have similar pillowcases and snag them when I can because they are so cute...smiles...Renee


Wow Laurie, that is a fantastic haul! I would have been over the moon with all that!! I especially love the hard plastic figures. I have a weird love for those old plastic items. Bunnies, santas, pigs, love em all! Great stuff.


Wow that was quite a score you have there Laurie, lucky you.


Honestly I don't think there's anything better than digging through a box of Christmas stuff when you're not quite sure what's inside. (I kind of want to make a light-up tree!)


So much cuteness!! Fabulous and fun finds, as always!!!


Oh you luck duckie! This is such a great haul I don't even know where to start. The blue heart, a BRAND NEW jewelry box, the list just goes on. Was this the one over around 80th? I saw it on Craig's list and thought about going but spent the day buying a new car instead - go figure!


Fun stuff-- hurray #3!! I've been working my friend's (mom's) estate sale this weekend. I was able to score some vintage linens, wooden spoold, etc. Her mom had lived in that little cottage since 1950... and never threw anything away. It's been fun to see the variety of things... kind of a little time capsule!


Oops...that was wooden spools. Sorry about that typo... darn these little smart phone keyboards!


I need to shop where you shop! What a great sale, I love everything you found! I can never resist vintage holiday items.


Amazing haul! Why not try replacing the bulbs on the light string before ripping the Christmas picture apart? It's too wonderful to destroy.

Meri Wiley

I know I sound whiny, but dang woman, you just make me crazy with all the goodies you find.

I agree with the lady above....Please, please don't take the tree apart! It's stunning just the way it is.


Musings from Kim K.

I have to agree with Meri. Is there any way that tree display can stay together in one piece? It's stunning. I also have to give a shout-out on my Magpie Halloween purchase. I love love love my black kitty. She's purr-fect.

Into Vintage


I mean REALLY! Was there a vintage Christmas factory in Portland during the 40's? That's the only explanation I can come up with for all the vintage Christmas loot you find. Officially I'm thrilled for you but I might have to pout just a little. :-)


The little pink bells and the Halloween are my favs!


I have to agree with Kim Laurie!! lol Good stuff once again


a good gamble indeed! And I just love the pink corsage. :) I also noticed our curtains in the photo. I thrifted a pair of pillow cass made from the same fabric! Love them. :)

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