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October 29, 2011


Into Vintage

You're always number one in my book! :-) How thrilling though to be first in the door and I'm happy to see you found some happiness there as well. We're all happy!

Lynn Spencer

Awesome finds for only a ooky dooky sale:O)


Sweet Jiminey Cricket....those tally cards are gorgeous. Found one of those glitter containers just the other day and passed on it as I thought I was sure to not need that much ever? Number one for sure...smiles....Renee


A little bit of happiness goes a long way!

Collection Challenge: I love that little stepstool you use in your photos - so show me your stepstools! Being 5'2" - I have a plethera of stools scattered all around the house.


That cook book is too sweet. What a lot of darling finds you have there.


Happiness on every page - LOVE that!!


Being number one is even better if you are not standing long in cold or wind or rain or (gasp) snow. Sales have diminished greatly around me but next week is a gimongous church sale and a first time wealthy resort sell-off. (Like a hotel estate sale.)


Our sales around here are first in line gets to get in first. Sometimes when I get off work in the morning if I am not too tired I will go and get in line. I have never been first (man, these people get up EARLY) but have been 3rd. Always fun to be close to the front. I just bought a whole stack of those heart shaped pans. Let me know if you want them and I will add to your package (that I promise is going out tomorrow!)


First of all, you can never have to much glitter as far as I'm concerned! Gotta' have that sparkle!
Secondly, I can't wait to see your valentine display using those heart shaped cake pans! I bet it will be super cute!

Dani Cristin

I Love!I love!
Adorei o resultado da sua criação.
Beijos do brazil.

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