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October 16, 2011



Wow Laurie you do have the vintage glitter. Amazing.


Is it time for a glitter intervention?? I love those cute little bottles, too.


I save those little bottles of glitter like they are full of gold dust. I just love them.

And if I am ever completely out of glitter, I know on who's door I'll be aknockin'

A girl can never have too much money or too much glitter. However, you may be on the edge...


A BONUS Sunday Collection Challenge! Glitter! Isn't it funny how big some of those containers are? I have opened a bottle of glitter, used it on a project and then, when I put it back - I can't even get it back in the jar. I think it reproduces. Of all the things in the world that is worthy of reproducing like that, glitter ranks right up there!


I have come across a lot of glitter recently but it has been in small lots and bottles. Some chunkier than others. These have definetly made it to the right home. Is there more of one color than another and what do you do most with it? Just wondering...smiles...Renee


So that's how you get your "Pixie Dust" on everything! LOL
What a great collection of glitter and those vintage containers are just way too cool :-)


What I love most is you actually USE it!! Sadly, an awful lot of what I bring home is more for looking at than using, not that there isn't value in inspiration! I want to know about that big jar in front of the glitter shrine. What's in there??

Mitzi Curi

Lovely glitter collection, Laurie! I have just a few little jars of vintage glitter, and this Christmas I'm going to try to put it to good use!


You are definitely the Glitter Queen! However, I do love me some glitter, espcially purple and red!!!



Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Yes Sparkles, you do have alot of glitter! I still have a container from when I was younger. Yes, I was a hoarder way back then!

Into Vintage

Can a vintage crafter ever have enough glitter? I think not. :-)


Now thats a lot of glitter:) Abigail would love all that glitter:)


Sniff....a girl can dream....all of those sweet little vintage bottles! So much fun!

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift

That makes me so HAPPPPPY! And a bit jealous:) Hugs, Sonya

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