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October 23, 2011



So you've been a busy little elf :-)
Too bad you don't have little elves in your studio to help you out too LOL.
Sure wish I lived up that way. Might have to make a trip up to a show to see all your creations. Sounds like some may show up on Etsy?


You amazed me last year with how much you created for your shows and you've done it again this year WOW!!

Debby Messner

It all looks so organized. I hope that you do well in your shows and on Etsy.

Musings from Kim K.

I've been enlarging all your pictures to get a nice close-up look at all your amazing goodies. You have been busy, busy, busy!!


I know there is a reindeer in there with my name on it. Not to mention a sweet ornament girl with fruit like last year. Surely you wouldn't miss to many if I snuck a few out? Love the big old yellow duck/chick on the green dresser. Forgot to tell you that if you do wax with dark wax you can take some of it off if it is too dark with steel wool. Best to test. Steel wool will take out the brush marks. Next time foam roller. Enjoy your week...smiles...Renee


WOW! You are a woman on a mission. Good for you!

You put me to shame. I keep telling myself I need to get started.And it's just not happening...but it better happen pretty soon.


I'm sure there is something in all of this I must have. I will keep an eye out for your Etsy shop. Good luck with your sales at the shows.

Lynn Spencer

please, please, can I come over and go shopping?? I am sure there are a few things that are just perfect for my home, what do you think?? My you have been busy!! I hope you have wonderful shows and have wonderful sells. I have almost talked my hubby into an all handmade Christmas, even if we do not make it ourselves!!! I am tired of paying big money for things made in China on the back of them!!

Lynn Spencer

opps forgot to add, I enlarged the pictures, I saw snowmen and mushrooms that would look great in my home and of course any patriotic theme creations! Have a wonderful week!


Oooooh! I wish you were my neighbor!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Gosh, to me it looks like so much hard work, but I don't think it's work to you at all, is it? You LOVE to play in the glitter!

Kim G.

Holiday Heaven! Wish I could come right over!


Especially intrigued by those mushroom-looking objects in the box lid in the last photo.....


Can I go shopping in your sitting room. I see lots of glitter and some putz houses and reindeer. I even like your little green dresser.


The glitter, the glitz, the bling! Can't wait till some of it ends up on Etsy for those of us not in your neck of the woods :(

Into Vintage

I am running with my laptop to show this to Mr Into Vintage -- he thinks we're the only ones with vintage Christmas coming out of our ears!!

And what's going here is *nothing* compared to all that you've created. WOW.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Okay, if I didn't feel like an under-achiever before, I sure do now!!!

4 shows??? And hand-made items??? I'm stressing about doing 1, and I'm not even making stuff. I can't even fathom doing that many, and so close together......You astound me. I bow to your greatness.....:)

I think I'll go eat bonbons now....


WOW! You're a crafting maniac! Please tell me you started this stash last year! I really am wondering what those red mushroom things look like......

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