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November 08, 2011


Lynn Spencer

Oh my goodness! These items are all so sweet!! I have always wanted a doll house! Maybe I should include that in my
Christmas wish list this year?


You really have some treasures. It would be hard to choose a favorite item from this group.
Thanks for sharing.


So sweet....I sort of rememberer some of those pieces from my childhood. xoxo Hugs for a great day.


Smile. Love this post...of course! Now there are 2 more things on my "hunting" list- the Daisy Dollhouse items, and the adorable cardboard house.
Happy Day!

Kim K.

This post is another favorite. I am completely smitten with your the dresser with the wonky drawers and the teeny tiny matching lamps. That cardboard house is pretty nifty too. I have so many dollhouses in my craft room that are awaiting makeovers, that it's become an addiction. I keep blaming my two girls, but it's all me.


It is simply too easy to love these hand held miniature. You have a wonderful collection that doesn't surprise. The genius behind that little vanity...fantastic. Lovely cross legged lady on her renewal couch. Oh to dream away a day....smiles...Renee


Love the little furniture and doll houses. The little vanity with skirt is my favorite.....and I had to chuckle at the modern plastic pink couch because it had a modern plastic lady!


I sat in the floor the other night and furnished my dollhouse with a box full of Renewal furniture I already had. My husband looked at me like I had finally gone over the deep edge as I swooned over tiny cribs and a 1940's fridge. I was particulary happy to have added a bottle brush tree to the window. 'Tis the sseason! I guess he just doesn't "get it". But I know you do!


These are adorable, especially the first two pictures. The curve of the legs on the pink table is such extra-special attention to detail. I have always said if I had a bigger house I would have a dollhouse. Luckily I don't - haha!!


I adore dollhouses and little furniture. The two little turquoise chest of drawers are especially sweet.
Wow, The nerve of that woman that followed you around the store!!! You should have started to run up and down the aisles, doubling back and forth, just to give her some extra exercise. ;-)

Mary B.

I loved all of the dollhouse furniture, and the metal dollhouse was wonderful. It makes me want to collect the furniture. I already have a metal dollhouse.

The little dolls were so cute. I liked them as much as the furniture. I guess I love all things related to dolls. I enjoyed them so much as a child.

Thank you, Laurie.

Mary B.

Into Vintage

Loving the modern couch with the modern beige woman on it. I had a metal dollhouse as a kid and don't know what happened to it but I'm on the lookout for another one exactly like it - I can remember it so clearly. :-)


I love this collection! The graphics on the daisy dollhouse furniture box are so adorable!


Show me your collection of vintage fruit and/or vegetable graphics


This whole post made my day! I've been on a the hunt for a tin dollhouse like that. I had one handed down to me as a child and would love one to hang on the wall with brackets in my daughters room.


A collection close to my heart. The little blue chair, second from left in the third picture, must have been a popular design - I've found it in enough colors to want a collection of them in every color!

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