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November 15, 2011



What a great challenge to look at this morning with my coffee :-)
Love the Royal Recipe Parade book...the illustrations do look amazing and cute!
Might have to give the "Royal Creamed Loaf" a try. Sounds like something my kids would love.
Thanks for sharing :-)

Into Vintage

I've always thought tuna was romantic! (?!)

These are so fun to look at but yikes! Can you imagine being served some of those meals? Ack!


Oysters and sweetbreads in a noodle ring. They should call that book how to end your marriage in 5 meals or less!!!


I received a version of that Dinner For Two Cookbook when we got married in 1968. I really used it a lot in the early years and it was falling apart. I spotted one at either an estate sale or antique mall (can't remember which) and replaced it a couple of years ago. Sadly, the one I bought wasn't used much at all...it was like brand new. I was just happy to have one in good shape. Over the years I've collected the Military Officers Wives Cookbooks. There's a series of them and I first started buying them when my husband was in the Navy.


Ha! My mom has a nickname...Betty. For obvious reasons she has a knack for telling me what I am doing wrong in my cooking. She has an avocado Betty Crocker book from the 60's that I love..but your wonderful gelatin book steals the show. They look just like your spun heads! Thank you for all the smiles...Renee

Lynn Spencer

Wow Awesome cook books! I am so upset that I missed the opening of your etsy shop of holiday goodies last night! My internet was out for the most of the evening and night!! Of all times for it to go on the fritz!! Someone near to us were taking our signal from our cable for their internet and it messed up our signal and all of that. They had to come out and redo some of the line and make sure that the signal was stronger. After replacing the line it still wasn't has high as it should have been so they put some kind of security thingie on our computer and sent some program to the box and modem for the cable and our signal strength went up. It is working now! Uugg why would you still internet???


MAGPIE! Stop by and see my newest vintage finds....I gave you a shout-out!



Love the vintage cookbooks!!


I love those cookbooks! I collect vintage jell-o cookbooks. I love the graphics in vintage cookbooks.I love your Tummy Tingles book... so cute!




I love vintage cookbooks, but it is surprising to me that you would post the Royal Recipe Parade illustration for Fruit Cups without any comment - it is extremely racist. Obviously, it is a product of its time and it is good for us to remember how common place illustrations such as this were not that long ago. But it was still shocking for me to see that image with "I love the sprinkling of characters on each page" as the only comment!

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