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November 29, 2011



I knew we had an overpopulation problem with deer here in Kansas but it looks like you have the same problem out in your area too. I must say that your deer are much more "endeering" than ours with all their tinsel and bells!
Once again you have started my day off on a happy note just by reading your blog.
Thank you!


I have such a tender spot for these bambi-esk creatures...the rudolph ones are my favorite. I am the lucky owner of three now. I love your great collection but your newest are fantastic! You can often find me typing in such great vintage items over on ebay as well...glad you rescued these...I am so glad I had a chance to grab a couple more spuns. Thanks for adding more. Smiles...Renee


Well Reindeer are my favorite no doubt about it. I think the ones that flew up to Alaska must be in that group shot you have here. Boy would I love those wooden ones so darling!!


I cannot imagine how you manage to amass so many. Just amazing! I am especially fond of the ones with Santa riding. I have never seen one like that before.


those tiny celluloid reindeer are so cute


I took 2 old white ones like you have, glittered them pink, repainted their eyes, and added vintage bling. I LOVE them! Although they're currently on my Etsy site, I'm very close to taking them off and keeping them for myself. : )

Musings from Kim K.

Your holiday style reindeer are such fun eye candy! Another fun collection!


I like how they all look together ... things look better in mass quantity, don't they? Or is that just our acquisitive nature? Anyway, i like 'em!


Thought I was the reindeer hoarder but it looks like you almost have me beat in that dept too :D
I have the exact same ones except for the particle board ones,the two that look like they're in the same family and the bump chenille one.
Lucky we don't have to feed them...LOL
Too cute...... Love the way you have them all displayed together.I might have to herd mine now.Thanks for the ideas :-)

Into Vintage

I'm torn between the particle board trio and that little chenille guy. That last pic reminds of those old vintage class photos -- a mile wide with every kid from the entire school in it only in this case, with reindeer and glitter!


You really do find them! What a flock your have!
The 2ft tall ones remind me of an elderly gent in my neighborhood who them all on his roof (with santa in the sleigh also), he'd put a spotlight on them. He had made them and they were really great!

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