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November 26, 2011



What a find for your collection of squeaky toys and what great friends you have!Pam gave a great description of your studio too....Santa's workshop and toy/candy store is what I thought of when I saw it.Great post and story of you!
I think I found another good blog to follow now too :-)
Thanks for sharing!

Into Vintage

Just came from Pam's post ... I could spend hours in your studio just looking around. So many happy things to see in there!


Read her post and LOVED it. It was so fun to get a peek inside the Magpie Ethel studio. You are The Queen!!

Musings from Kim K.

Such a wonderful post. Your studio is just filled with amazing eye candy. Any chance I get to see "where" the magic happens is a reason to smile for me!


Oh my goodness. I didn't realize you gave tours. Highest bidder gets the bell light right? Just darling...Love your new squeak and such a sweet post...smiles...Renee


Fun, fun, fun!
I am still waiting for you to make an online magazine of all your magic. Your decorating ideas, pictures from your workshop, etc. I will be first in line to buy one. I really think you need to consider it!


Pinocchio is adorable. Great addition to your collection. Saw Pam's blog...am jealous that she got a first hand view of the goodies!!


I think one of her readers said it best, pictures can't capture the true magic that is Magpie Ethel's studio. A few weeks ago I had a dream I came over to your studio. It was nothing like your real studio and I was sooo dissapointed. Here's wishing that someday I get to see the real thing!!!


P.S love your new squeaky addition!


I'm so glad the squeeker makes you happy. I think we both paled a bit when that little girl started squeeking him so roughly.

The tour of your studio was great. I am so envious of your organizational skills!

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