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December 13, 2011



Thanks for sharing your pics!
Just love having my morning coffee with your blog. I love Christmas....your house looks so wonderful all decked out with the Santas.
Have a great day.
Kind of makes me want to say
Ho Ho Ho :-)


You live at Santa Land! The collection is just wonderful. I love that they all have a different face and the 11th one down with the bright blue eyes is my favorite. Will you show us the rest of your santas?


Hmmmm ... I'm not a medical professional, but the Santa with the white nose appears to have frostbite. They all appear to be very cute!

shirley hatfield

You win! I thought I'd taken the most-Santas-on-the-front-porch prize...better luck next year. =D

debby messner

I love your porch of Santas. So cute. You have everything.

Linda @ A La Carte

Wow you really do have a lot of Santa heads! Amazing!


It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Your Santas are amazing. So much so that I cannot pick a favorite. Enjoy every minute this season with them...smiles...Renee


Oh my gosh, the one thing I ALWAYS look for and have not yet found! My great grandparents had a big santa head and it was the only decoration they ever put up (besides the tree) in their front window every year. I WILL find one one day :) Love your collection!

Musings from Kim K.

I just love seeing your front porch all decked with your special collection. It's just delightful. Your neighbors must love it. We took Josie to see Santa this evening. She was so excited waiting in line, she was spinning in circles. Too fun!


Oh, I love your "Christmas Cottage" and I'm sure your neighbors do as well! What a piece of luck for anyone who lives next door to Magpie Ethel.


FUN!! How about showing us your Holiday vintage jewelry? Reindeer pins? Snowmen? Trees? You must have some stashed away ;)


Love, love all your santas! My fire place mantle is covered in santas..mainly old world type.

I saw something different on my way home last night. There was a small pickup on the road ahead of me and in the back was a blow mold santa all LIT UP!! I have to say seeing that really made me smile!


Wonderful collection!!!

Into Vintage

This is some serious Santa madness! (especially given some of them have some wacky expressions but who can blame them?) The big light up guy looking out your window is incredible. The kids in your neighborhood must go nuts over your porch.


What a fun collection!! Love all those sweet Santa faces and the amazing porch display!!!

corey moortgat

What a wonderful collection! I collect the small flocked ones, and my husband lets me get away with those, but he'd never let me get away with these fantastic large ones!

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