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December 20, 2011



What a sweet tradition that was discontinued. I think these seals were delightful. I remember them being in the grocery store as giveaways. Can't decide if the glasses one or the hunting ones are the most intriguing. Merry Christmas...Renee

Melissa's Antiques

Simply adorable!! :)


I did something similar (peeked in all of the shopping bags) at about the same age, and yes, it was not as much fun that Christmas at all! I love all of these ... especially the "you may look on Christmas Day" because I like walking snowmen and a positive message. Thanks for a fun collection, Laurie!


As always love these collection challenges. Can I bother you for a question?

What type of camera do you use for your pictures? I have been having all sorts of problems with close-up photo taking so I have been asking posters when I see clear close up pictures with hopes they will lead me to a new camera purchase :)

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


Wish my mom had "Do Not Open" stickers when we were younger.My brother and I peeked and it ruined Christmas for us too.
I'm hoping my kids haven't done that.I've told them the story and I think that alone has kept them from "Peeking" :-)
I have a few stickers....maybe I'll put them on LOL.
I just went down memory lane with your collection though!
I look forward to your blog now with all your snippets and collections.
**PS Had Phil blow up the Santa for me yesterday!


I have to disagree with all of you. When I was 12-14 years old, I opened all my presents each Christmas while my mother was at work. I had to be ever so clever at putting that scotch tape back on there the right way. When I saw what I had to look forward to, it just made me more anxious to be able to REALLY open them...and I guess that is where I honed up on my excellent acting skills!! She never knew...


What a sweet little collection. And I love your cardboard fireplace. What a prize!

Lisa W.

I LOVE this collection Laurie ! It is so sweet. I get a real kick out of hearing your mom stories - from bells on your childhood shoes to sneaking a Christmas peek ! She reminds me of my own mother. Have a very Merry Christmas !!


Great collection! I peeked one time when I was about 8 and my mother caught me and made me help her re-wrap the doll and mail it off to my cousin. I didn't forget THAT lesson any time soon!


I did the exact same thing as your mother! I unwrapped every gift under the tree and thought I rewrapped them in a way that nobody would be able to tell. Not only was the excitement gone when I watched the presents get unwrapped on Christmas but I found some old Sears catalogs and some bricks in my presents!!! I guess I wasn't as skilled at rewrapping as I thought I had been. My mom taught me a lesson that year and I never peeked or unwrapped again. But to this day it still is brought up year, after year, after year...
I love, love, love your stickers. Old graphics and fonts can bring happiness. Thanks for sharing!


These are so sweet! Thanks for sharing.

I'd ask you to show something but I don't know what all you collect! I'll have to look through your blog more. ♥


Super collection. They would be pretty in a frame. I did not peek as a kid...I love surprises too much.


I love this collection! How do you display and/or store them?


Thanks for sharing a great collection! I am astounded at the sheer number of different ones! I unwrapped a present once and carefully tried to rewrap it. I then spent the next week worrying myself sick that someone would be able to tell. I never did find out if my mom knew what I had done, but the week of constant worry was enough to make me never do it again! Haha. Good memories!


OMG!! Something else that I have never seen before!! I will be on the hunt for these cuties!!

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