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December 27, 2011



Laurie these are most certainly gorgeous. I can say for certain I have never seen them in this area. Perhaps the NW does Christmas Vintage right. Thank you for showing them I cannot wait to come across one and find one of my own. Smiles...Renee

Musings from Kim K.

What a lovely candle collection. I'm not ready to pack everything up. Do you have any vintage New Year's eve decorations? I'm thinking I need an excuse to be in my craft room today and create some New Year's eve decorations.


I just got a candle with glass pinecones around it, kinda like a little centerpiece, at a thrift shop auction. You would have loved the vintage theme the auction had in December. Needless to say I had to fork over a bit of money because I couldn't not bid on many items. I look at it as a win-win situation because I got many wonderful "new" things and the money goes to a great cause. At least that is what I will keep telling myself... I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, thanks for all of the great posts this month.
Happy New Year!


I just bought a few of the candles at an auction a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for sharing your collection! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


Pure Magic my friend...I love the sweet colours and those candles make my heart sing along with those vintage trees...Adorable in every way. Hope your Christmas was filled with JOY. xoxo


I've never seen anything like these before until last Christmas. I found a couple of them at the flea mkt.One has 3 candles clustered together that's really cool.
Love the trees!
You're house must be so much fun with all the bling and glitter everywhere :-)
Have a wonderful day.


You manage to find the most interesting things and your posts always educate me. I love the sugar bells version!


I think they are all gorgeous! I've never seen any...you can bet I'll be looking though.


Wonderful, unique collection. I've never seen those before that I remember. Love the star branches and the tourquois bells.

Lisa W.

Awww it is time to put away Christmas ... I really hate it when its over ! But I love your candle collection - they are so great ! I only have a few and I treasure them.


How unique! I like the blue one with white bells! It looks familiar to me. ♥

Mitzi Curi

I just love the pastel metallic Christmas decorations, frosty bells, and pipe cleaners. Cheerful, colorful and fond Christmas memories! Thanks for sharing your wonderful collections with us!

shirley hatfield

I had never seen those candles and trees...aw gee! Now I have to look for some...and I almost had it all put away! =D


OK - onto New Year's Decorations, right?!!

Magpie, stop by and see my vintage stash I got from freecycling! Everytime I score like this, I instantly think of you!

Christine Gonzalez

Hi, I loved all your holiday decorations, especially the New Year cutsies, I have tons of Christmas, but, not yet any New Years..I will have to start looking for things when I'm out Flea Marketing and Estate Sale'ng this year "D
I have never introduced myself before, but, have enjoyed all your Vintage Cuteness this past year, and look forward to your adorable blog posts to come:D
Christine thetincancottage.blogspot.com


Visiting your blog is like a history lesson!! I have never ever seen decorations like those!
Never knew they existed!! thank you for sharing your collections and your knowledge with us!! You really should write a book!!

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