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December 12, 2011



You are sooooo organized, mapping out your spot before you get there? It looked like it paid off though.Your display looked like "Wonderland" for sure. We're going to have to try real hard to drive up that way for one of your shows next year!
Thanks for sharing the awesome pics.

Gina @ Vintage Junk in My Trunk

That looks spectacular! Hope you sold out!

Into Vintage

I do the same thing with my planning -- and then I print the photo to take with me to set up, otherwise I'll forget everything. ;-/
Your spot looked awesome with all it's Ethel sparkle! Definitely stood out from everything else I saw there. :-)


Love how you did this. Perfect to mark it out. I am so glad Kathy U. had a chance to meet up with you. She is just a sweetheart. I would have to have one of everything. Those bells oh the bells. I need those badly! All of Claire's friends have requested your goodies for their gifts this birthday year! Smiles...Renee

Meri Wiley

Looks fantastic missy. Now as soon as you've sent me all the piccy's to look through to do my shopping, I'll be able to put my order in!!!! Yes, I'm a pushy woman, but dang it all woman, you've got all the best stuff. I'm waiting with "PayPal" on standby! Hugs,


wow, I would have been immediately drawn to your space! sometimes you know, you can walk right past some booths, but yours, I would have had a hard time leaving! what a fun colorful space! I'm sure you sold a lot.
have fun christmas shopping.


Looks fantastic! And I heard you drew quite a crowd (yes, we hear stuff about you all the way back East!)


Laurie, your booth was amazing! I would have loved to linger and get a closer look at each and every little thing but it was SWARMING and I could barely wiggle my way in. Congratulations on a great show!! BTW, the reflector stems worked out just PERFECT for my friend's gift and I will be posting a picture after I give it to her.

Melissa's Antiques

Amazing that you got all of that in the back of that truck! Impressive! I'm calling you whenever I need help packing!

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