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December 19, 2011



I adore them and seem to have a distant memory of a blow up Santa! Thank you so much for sharing!


I have a couple of blow ups too. No reindeer just two Santas. One is sitting at the bottom of my elf tree.
Sigh....you gave me an inspiration to blow up the big Santa now. He should be out with his friends too!
Gasp, can't believe you almost didn't buy that cool looking fireplace. Looks like it was made for you and your house LOL.
Thanks for the snippets!


Laurie...Laurie...Perfect! I wish you could hear my screams of joy. I kept scrolling down to see the tree! It all just fits so beautifully. I want to bring over my heels and full skirt and prance around to jingle bell rock. Thanks for the smiles...Renee

debby messner

I would love to see your home at Christmas.....what fun things you have.

shirley hatfield

That fireplace is the coolest thing...I definitely would have bought it! Love your collections!


This is so CUTE!! The deer and santa are just perfect together and even better with the fireplace. Love it!

Elma Riedstra

Love the fireplace and the santa and reindeer!!! Love your decorations!!

Musings from Kim K.

Squeal! How cute are they!! Your holiday fireplace is just adorable. My parents had one when they first got married and I remember seeing pictures of it in their photo album. Your Christmas box collection is pretty nifty too. Keep the decor coming!!


Love the vintage fireplace and display!!!!

Into Vintage

How funny that during some era it was better to have a cardboard fireplace than none at all. I guess it makes sense -- how else would Santa get in?

That box with the candy cane is ca-yute!

Peace Schuyler

I think we had a cardboard fireplace one year that my dad found cheap somewhere...but my mom was a nazi about cleaning up everything (presents, tree, decorations) by the end of Xmas day and I think she threw it away with the tree. *GASP* This is probably why I put my decos up the day after Halloween. Good memories though! ;OD


I am amazed at all the treasures you find. How many hours do you spend weekly searching for your treasures?

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