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December 01, 2011


One Gal's Trash

I just have to say the one you apprehended from Amy is the most fabulous. The U*L*T*I*M*A*T*E Santa!


Hi Laurie love these guys what a divine trio ! Happy hunting for others to keep them company and make sure to let us see. I live my vintage dreams through ladies like you and Elizabeth (Grandmother's Attic) and I'm so excited she sent me an invite to an open house so I get to reallllly see all her fun things ! I might have to sneak in a camera :) E in TN

Musings from Kim K.

What a happy bunch! They certainly will have fun together at your house.


NO YOU DID NOT! I have told Amy that I would be over there to pick him up. It has just taken me longer than I anticipated to get to the coast. Well, I guess he can stay with you ( the ultimate Holiday House) for a while...Is he not just amazing. It is like have a Woolworth Santa in your home. Thanks for the rescue ladies. He just makes me smile...Renee


I must have just missed you at Plucky because I saw in the distance that Nick was leaving the building. Be careful with that trio...I've heard they run around when you are sleeping.


How fun! The gang look like they're in pretty good shape too. They're lucky they get to be at your house for the holidays :-)
I love the wood cut-outs. We had a Coca-Cola Santa looking one that was pretty messed up......wish we would've kept him now :-(
I do have a snowgirl made out of wood that lives in the house year round.
Hmmmm....wonder if the Santas will find the wood reindeer you have LOL


Oh my gosh!!! I have at least three of your gang members hanging out in my attic! I think I just might have the twin of your first guy up there hiding in a corner. I also have their leader who is a life size moving (when his motor is kicking in) Santa who I believe was formerly housed in a department store. My daughter finds him rather terrifying whenever she goes into the attic. I guess he serves a purpose as she quickly retreats from the attic.
I love the large old Santas-I guess I can be a halfway house for them as they make their way to your home across the country. It is nice to know that there a network in place to look out for these jolly gang members!

Into Vintage

Thanks for keeping the streets safe for the rest of us and providing a warm and caring environment where these fellows can be with their own kind.


I'll keep my eyes open. I feel like it's my civic duty.

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