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January 03, 2012


Mitzi Curi

Oh my, another charming collection! The stork and the gorilla are my favorites!


Happy New Year!
What a great memory to have from your childhood and to have your Grandfather's penny bank too :-)
Great stories on your other banks...My son just said the gorilla bank looks creepy so I would say the coins are safe in that bank LOL.
Thanks for sharing!


Oh the good old days when we could spend a penny instead of just pass one by on the ground. Love all your banks.


Wasn't Disco Mart just the best? You could find things there you couldn't find anywhere else, especially craft items.
Love the gorilla... even with the crazy eyes!


Penny candy is one of my sweet childhood memories. Oh, the decisions, standing there with your nickle in your hand and gazing through the glass to make your choices. And the one really BIG decision - do you splurge two pennys on a chocolate "IceCube" and only get 4 candies this time??


Love that sweet kettle. What kind of great tea towels do you have or did I miss that? Smiles...Renee

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Happy New Year, Laurie! This is a pretty special collection, with your husband's bank and Grandpa's too, and such great memories attached to them!


Love the stork:) How about vintage beaded fruit?? Happy New Year!! May you have a Blessed year!!


When my grandparents would come to visit my Grandpa always had this HUGE mayo jar that was full of all his collected change that he brought with him. Each of us (me and my 2 brothers) got to take turns reaching in and trying to grab out as much change as possible in one try.

Your post reminded of those visits. :)


Great collection. That stork is especially cute. I wish kids were encouraged to save money like everyone used to do back in the day. Now too many kids think they need everything rightthissecond instead of saving up for it.


How sweet, my Grandpa used to keep his change in a mason jar. Never much in there. I think because Grandma ran the roost.

I have one for you - Show me your collection of charm bracelets (or any bracelets). I have my mom's charm bracelets and was just out here trying to find a different way to display them. Any ideas?


Wow, super cute banks?? Is there anything you don't have?? Where do you keep all of it??
Big hugs,

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