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January 17, 2012



What a great collection!
Just what I needed to see this morning......brought a smile to my face :-)
I never even thought of looking
at jar lids for their graphics before. I love jars too but all mine have plain lids on them.Such a great way to show off and to admire collections!


I really believe we are kindred spirits! I LOVE this collection. There is nothing like a good font. Talk about making me happy. So, so cute!

Kim G.

This collection is awesome! Love the relish lid! I look for old jars but they are hard to find. Yours are great!

Musings from Kim K.

Love the graphics on your jar lids. Your collections never cease to amaze.

PS. So...are you getting snow in your state? I glanced at the weather map at lunch and it looked like you might be getting some of that white stuff!


I've always loved jar lids, too. I thought I was probably the only one who liked them. Glad to know I'm not alone.


What is it about jars??? I like them too. I love how yours look all lined up on the shelf...very happy!


I think this is one I will read over and over. Amazing detail that makes me think I should actually dig through the jars of nails in the garages and stand on stools to see into the cupboards of sales....smiles...Renee


Nice!! the graphics are soooo cool. Why don't they make stuff like that now??? Collection 88?? Think you can make it to 100??

Debra Ganas

I love jars too Laurie. I have lots of big ones filled with buttons. A couple of months ago I bought a huge box filed with old jars full of nails, screws, thing-a-ma-bobs and what-cha-ma-call-its. $2 for a box full of happiness.
I also have a confession to make. I save plastic lids of all kinds. I have a huge bag of them in my shed. One day I am going to make something really cool and colorful. But in the mean time I'm just saving them. ;)



A collection that most people can relate to, who doesn't love a good jar? I have many jars and I don't really need more but I can't seem to pass them up! You never know what you could put in it and it has the added bonus of being see through! Thanks for sharing!


I'm partial to that honey lid, but there are lots of cute ones here!


I've been known to ask to buy "only the jar" at yard sales when I find them full of old nails and such. Half the time, they just give it to me or let me buy it for a dime because they think I have "lost it." Ha on them! Your jar lids make me happy!

Ronda Liebert

Hello. I'm 65 and I also remember the Great Gildersleeve as a TV show in the early 50's. I used to love it as a tot.

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