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January 24, 2012


Carol T.

Laurie ~ I love looking at pictures of your adorable vintage home. I love everything. I can't believe you have a vintage stove and fridge. My parents still have their very first fridge from back in the 50's. They keep it in their garage and only use it for water and pop. It amazes me that it still works. I would love to come to your home and rest assured - I would not think of using the tea towels by the stove!

Amy needs to start making and selling the adorable towel inspired by your spun head gals. I would be all over one of those!


I do love a good tea towel. I keep mine on the upper door of my Hoosier where they are very inconvenient to use (and that's the point!)


Laurie...I love them all. They are amazing. The iron hangers and the towel bar places. I can't imagine not seeing those in your house. The towel from Amy is amazing. We have to get her sewing again. Thank you for helping me with my addiction....smiles...Renee

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Amazing collection, Laurie! I have one of those metal towel holders with the three arms, and my family just instinctively knows not to touch the vintage ones that always hang from the lower arm!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I do know what you are talking about when you say that some towels are for display only and not for use. I always have a cute vintage towel hanging off my vintage stove and once I caught someone wiping their hands on it and I think I may have gasped out loud. Don't they get it?? LOL.


A fun collection, one again! I loveg the little tea cup with flowers coming out but the one that Amy made is the winner. She really has talent and nailed your spun heads.


Hmmmm....think I might have to install a towel bar in my kitchen to display my vintage towels LOL.
I have tons of embroidered ones that are in a pile and I'm loving your idea of displaying them.
Love the spunhead gal one from your friend......too cute!
Thanks for another great idea :-)
and for sharing your pics of course.


I love the one with the little pot of tomatoes! It is fun to see your vintage appliances, too. That refrigerator is very cool (no pun intended!). Maybe I should challenge you to show us your collection of vintage appliances so we can get a peek at the inside.

Cindy Brewer

Laurie at Christmas one of my little grand boys grabbed one of my vintage Christmas towels to wipe up his juice....arghhhhh

Thank goodness for Oxi clean. And I didn't even holler at him...I just told him as sweetly as I could...these are like Nana's pretties we don't bother them...he said..in his sweet 5 yr old voice...why did you put it out then?....lol

Love your collection

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Into Vintage

Funny - we have the same understanding in my house about what's off limits ... the 'show' towels vs. the 'ok to use' towels. I think your little gingham teacup towel is my favorite as it looks like it was used & loved.

PS Thanks for the shout out. And the inspiration. :-)


Love the vintage tea towels but my fav is the one your friend made with the spunhead girl:) I would love one of those!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


Smile. Smile. Smile. I love the dancing forks, spoon, and smiling cups/pitcher best! -And the toy irons as towel hangers- too stinkin' cute. Now where is the red one I hadn't figured out what to do with?


Ahhhhhhh geez... thanks for showing off the tea towel that I made for you! It was fun to see it again and it reminded me that I want to stitch that pattern for myself too!
Okay, that towel that Amy made for you is just too cute-- I think I squeeled out loud when I saw it! I can't believe how she was able to capture that image of one of your cute creations so perfectly! So adorable!


I love your vintage towel collection!!! I collect vintage towels also. And I don't let anyone use them either. LOL.

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