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January 31, 2012



Sigh......to live in your studio!! How much fun that would be LOL.
Love, Love those veggie and fruit graphics. Esp the Anthropomorphic cards and Penny Pineapple and friends.Of course everything else is fun to look at too!
Have a great trip and hope you find lots of goodies :-)


I'm loving this collection even as I am, OK, I'll just say it, disappointed in your lack of love for all vegetables. I cannot imagine a life without brussels sprouts or cucumbers. Seriously. On my top 10 veggie list. But it's OK. At least you like their graphic counterparts!


I LOVE brussel sprouts sauteed in butter with walnuts. Yummm yumm.


So if you and I are at a yard sale and there is a basket of cucumbers that is the ONE thing we wouldn't have to wrestle over???? Cucumbers are the family favorite here.

I have a pretty big collection of fruit crate labels - I'll have to share them someday. All your things are sweet as always.

Into Vintage

That seed catalog! Love those illustrations and please don't hate a brussel sprout. They are nutritious AND delicious. ha :-)


I love the honeycomb fruit, the Hi-C & the citrus poster! Im in Florida & live near a ton of orange groves.


Love everything, especially that big jar of millinery fruits. I don't like to cook so that would be perfect in my kitchen! Had to laugh about the brussel sprouts - my absolute FAVORITE vegetable.


This was fun! Love the cards and the catalogs. Brussell sprouts?? I can eat them but they aren't my fav. Cukes, however, I love!


The citrus poster and garden catalogs have great graphics and who does not love the charm of vintage honeycomb anything

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