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January 25, 2012



I'm thinking I remember little brushes like this for suede items, like shoes, purses, jackets, etc. Used to raise the nap again. That's my guess-it's really cute!!


I am wondering if they are for a woman's electric razor? To clean it with? I had a similar brush included with one I purchased many years ago.

Into Vintage

I don't know what the little pink brush is but that first photo always makes me laugh!


I am going to guess it was something for the kitchen to clean the oven shelves or something like that. It's cute, that's for sure!

Caroline James

maybe it for removing fluff from clothing?

Jennifer Pearson Vanier

It is most definitely a suede brush. My mom still has hers in a tiny red case with a little white button. You slide the button down and voila! You brush your suede shoes, making them all fresh and clean again and off you go. I recall using it a lot before heading off to school.

Carol T.

Laurie ~ I searched for vintage suede brushes on ebay and found this auction. The bristles appear to be wiry like yours.



Laurie we would not be able to live without you. I adore it and the gameboard you have it placed on. Super cute and to think it was saved even made. And now we all find it so remarkable. Thanks for sharing...smiles...Renee


It is a suede brush. I still have my grandmother's in it's little case.
I had to research what it was also, I asked my neighbor :)


Your readers are correct. It is a suede brush. A very cute suede brush. Useful and cute... great combo.


My first guess was a suede brush but I am late in adding my comment. I remember using one, which either validates my guess or gives away my age (or both).


I would have guessed it was for cleaning off eraser crumbs from your desk in school. But, I think Suede Brush wins. I don't care what it is - it's PINK and that's all that matters in my book! :D

George Hood

Magpie: Suede Brush it is... Of course we all remember "White Buck" shoes, the kind ELVIS PRESLEY wore... Or PAT BOONE, FATS DOMINO or DOTTIE STEVENS... I had a pair myself & guys & gals alike all wore them (If you had the bucks (no pun) & were into early Rock & Roll. (What teenager wasn't ??? ) With my pair, came a little silver Suede Brush !!! Very cool... George Hood 1/29/12

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