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January 14, 2012



You don't have to defend yourself for buying more of anything!You're my kind of gal.....can never have too much:-)That goes for glitter too LOL.
Glad you found some goodies.
Have a great weekend!


Alright you have to promise to always buy those pipe cleaners/chenille stems if even to just put them in the Finds shop...I can never find the vintage ones...never. What fantastic colors they are. Are those vintage pompom makers too! Wonderful glassine envelopes you know how I love those. I love how you always find the "Sam's" style wholesale club lot and not just the drug store single packs...enjoy your weekend..smiles...Renee


How fun that you found Valentine themed goodies so close to the holiday. Don't feel bad about cornering the market on vintage pipe cleaners. You make great use of them and when the supply dries up, you'll be set!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh my Lord! I go gaga over vintage supplies. I could never vow to not buy more! I bought a box off Etsy, of unused old stock, of divine Aqua chenille stems. You just can't get that color or quality anywhere now, so old stock is like gold to me. Trouble is, I've hardly used any of my stems, cuz I don't wanna waste them on just anything.....:)


I think all the really cool old people must live in your area! Lucky, fabby vintage finds!

Amanda M.

Love that Snow White Songbook! Wow. That is awesome. Do you have any tips for finding estate sales in ones' area? I'm completely new to estate sales and seeing your fantastic finds sale after sale, I'm inspired to see what is out there in my area.


Oh, such fun finds! That magazine is perfect so close to Valentines day! Sweet graphic.
And just wondering, what are glassine envelopes? What are they used for? I also had some fun finds this weekend! Thanks for sharing!


Oh, thank goodness you found some chenille stems and glitter! You probably have enough to glitter your car. Now, wouldn't that be pretty? You could then probably use the car for a nice tax write-off especially if you spelled out Magpie Ethel on the side with chenille stems.
Great haul. I love the Snow White music book.


I think it's so fun to see craft supplies from the women who crafted before us! ♥


Remember - you're with friends here. Never any need to apologize or explain why you bought pipe cleaners (or any number of other things!)

Mary Ann

I remember those erasers! This is why I love reading blogs and seeing what vintage stuff other people find. It takes you back a few years and reminds you of your childhood.

Into Vintage

I have to agree with Barbara. This is a safe place and we are here to support you.

And your pipe cleaners. :-)


Those erasers sure brought back some memories!!


Well I say you were very blessed to find all those lovely treasures! Why would you not buy them??? So glad you did.
Happy new week...ours if a snowy one. xo


Great find. A crafters paradise, for sure!


Sometimes you just have to break your vow and pick up things that are in great condition. You know you will use those pipe cleaners so it was a good buy.

Those erasers were like an instant flash to the past. How I remember them!

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