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January 28, 2012



I love glitter, but the number 50 scares me as that is not too far off for me either. Not sure I would have thought if it for an age since I still think I am about 16 anyway. :)

I love that glass garland - it looks like candy to me.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Will you put that 50 in YOUR window when the time comes?!
That elf stocking is so cute! I love finding great stuff like that at this time of the year, because you totally forget all about it until you unpack it again at Christmastime!


Alameda!! Oh, you lucky ducky! I will be anxious to see what you score. That Santa looks a little cranky to me. I think he needs "Ethelized". 8+)


Santa issues. :)

Well, 50 isn't too scary. Other than 3 straight months of hot flashes, I'm doing okay so far.

Have fun in San Fran! ♥


Oh! Wish I could find a 50 like that. My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary and guess who's in charge of decorations?! They have some at Joann Fabrics, but I'm sure your price was much better!


I quite like that intricate garland worth standing there for! Enjoy every moment of your San Fran trip. I can't wait to see what you score. Smiles...Renee

chris mckinley

Have fun at Alameda! I usually go once a year for the sale in December. It's only about one hour away from my home, but the prices tend to be a little on the high side. You'd love the Christmas Flea at Alameda.Have fun and happy hunting!!

Debby Messner

I wish I was the big 50.....I was once. It will be fun to have that. You can use it for others as well. You find the best stuff. Have fun on the next adventure.


You amaze me with your lovely finds...happy shopping at the next market! xoxoxo


Oh I hope to run into you at Alameda :)

Su Gardner

Happy Birthday to you. 50 was a great year. Your workouts are obviously working out quite well. Here's to another wonderful year to you. Su

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