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February 07, 2012



I wish I knew what the 3D black & colored ones were from - my mom had some & I used to play with them when I was little!


L-O-V-E !

shirley hatfield

There is no limit to your collections! I have so much fun reading these challenges...I need to the beginning and catch up with the rest! Best Collector Ever Award to you!


Oh...fridge letters. I loved those. Especially digging them out from under the fridge. These are all so amazing. Looking for those spill and spells. Yellow anagrams? Oh my! Smiles...Renee


Vintage alphabet items are really good sellers in booth. I took old PROBE cards and made different words out of them put them in baggies with a topper on it and I sell them like crazy! It's funny how some of us think of using old stuff like that, but others have to be shown it to like it. Old blocks are my downfall - I cannot leave them behind!


Great collection!
The magnetic ones brings back memories of ones we had growing up and the ones the kids played with!
Love the bird on top of the carboard letters too.
How fun.....have a great day :-)


Oh those magnetic frideg letters. We had them for years. Cute messages and sayings. Sometimes a neighbor boy would spell something a little naughty (they all thought they were so clever). The letters certainly made it hard to wipe down the fridge. Oh, and the sound they made when cleaning underneath and one would clankety up into the vacuum. Happy memories. Happy, windy day!


I love those dimensional ones that you said are your favorites. I remember playing with those as a child, although I don't recall them being part of any particular game. Maybe they were the pre-refrigerator magnet letters for learning to spell??

Into Vintage

All I could think about while reading this post is you have enough of these to open a little vintage letters shop and I want to shop there!


That bird on the jar reminds me of the Florida orange bird


Would you believe I just recently sold a set of the letters you said were your favorites but didn't know where they came from! I don't have any insight to offer but what a coincidence!


Those colored and black letters look like the kind used for signage in the 70's. Do they have little nubs on the back? The boards they went on had 1/4" rows of grooves and the nubs went in them so you could compose your own wordage.

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