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February 14, 2012



Glad I found you in blogland :-)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection of card holders and the cute vintage Valentines.
You made my morning!!


Happy Valentine's Day. I have that same red card holder. I bought mine from an old man that owned a Mom and Pop store - he said it was a store display.

Wish I would have been to Target during that line - I want an old chip rack!


Happy Valentine's Day! Well, two collections in one day -- what fun.
I love the green display. It reminds me of the Eiffle Tower.
Your cards are so "you". Cute as a button.


They look every bit at home with Valentines as Christmas cards. Score when things serve a double purpose!


I really like your card holders. The red tree and green tree are my favs. I also like the way you put your cards on the first one.
Cute cards, too.


Those are a wonderful collection to hold a collection. Fantastic...Happy Valentine's Day to you all...Smiles...Renee

Musings from Kim K.

Your card holders are just divine. I really enjoyed this post and looking carefully at each special card. The graphics are just lovely.

Happy Valentines!

Gretchen Snyder

Show me your collection of vintage party invitations

Mitzi Curi

Where on earth did you acquire so many different card holders? Now I'm totally impressed, like never before, with your collecting ability! You are the Queen of Collections!

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift

I am so jealous, I can hardly write. Are any of these heading to Etsy? Or staying in your collection?

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