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February 28, 2012



Another great collection!
Love the stories that go along with the hats.My son would wear that hat too(at that age)LOL.
I think you would look good with some of those hats on. You'd just have to flatten that gorgeous head of curls!! Bet you had fun with the 4th of July costume.....That's a true friend...Dumpster Diving for you :-) I have a friend like that too.
Rosebud hat....too cute!
Thanks for sharing and making me smile


Not a hat collector, you are a hat accumulator. Isn't it funny how that happens! You are so right that we seldom find those flowery ladies hats around here and I always wonder why. Maybe they didn't hold up well to our rain??

Musings from Kim K.

The sweet rose bud hat is just darling. Of course, I'm completely smitten with your stash of crepe paper and party hats. Another fun collection!

chris mckinley

I love hats!! You have some great ones!! Especially the children's hat from the Portland Rose Parade.


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

It's such a fun collection, even though I'm kinda disappointed that you didn't model them for us!

shirley hatfield

"She fished it out of a dumpster and thought of me..." That's hilarous. Take that out of context! =D


I love the stem on the rosebud hat. I think that hat would look great on you.
Happy day!
(I forgot it was Tuesday so nice Surprise! for me)


The rose bud hat is so cute and clever. I could just see some adorable child walking down the street in it.


You know I think what does it is the fact that you always grab the unexpected. I love each one. The flower hat is yummy. Thanks for keeping it fun, interesting and always vintage...smiles...Renee


I love the rosebud hat, too - almost as much as I love the idea that a friend would fish through a dumpster for you. That's a real friend! (and a great hat)


You always amaze me with the collections you have. Your hats are so adorable. Makes me want to start collecting them.
Happy day to you.

Lisa W.

Another collection at the drop of a hat... and such CUTE hats ! I just love your stuff !

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