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February 23, 2012



What a good idea...can't believe you have 6 cabinets to fill!!! Wow...they are all such beauties! Hugs to you my friend.

Meri Wiley

Wowee, have you got a lot of awesome crap! I noticed you have a tin with a duckie on it. I just recently got almost the same one only with a kitty on it. Check out my last few posts to see a piccy of it. If you ever wanna' get rid of it......let me know.



Your cabinets are such a source of happiness!! They scream your name, Miss Magpie.



Love your curiosity cabinet!So lucky to have your dad and husband build it for you.I'm looking so see if I can have one built somewhere LOL!
Like Door Three with your spun look-alike.How cool is that!!!
Thanks for sharing and making my morning :-)

Into Vintage

I'll take everything behind Door #3, please.


Oh, that tiny doll skate. I love that there is only one.
And the fridge with the wee scottie on top.
And Miracle Patch! Really? A miracle? Wow, that is something...
Your cabinets are like those books "I Spy". So fun. So many treasures.


A-"door"-able!!! I love the numbers and everything in the cabinets. I too would like to pick a door. I would take any or all of them. I think my husband needs to make me something like this. It certainly is a fun way to display little things. And goodness knows I have enough little things to display.
Thanks for sharing!


I have never seen so many darling little vintage items in one spot, oh boy I adore these cabinets. Nan


It's a treat to see all your little treasures. I have a little shelf of oddities and might have to see if I can do something more creative. Love the inspiration!

Musings from Kim K.

You are so very very clever. I've been scrolling up and down taking in all your special treasures. You have such an amazing gift for display and such fun cabinets to showoff everything.

Lisa W.

Thanks for the tour ! Your cabinet is a wonderful place !


I've always been so in love with your Curiosity Cabinet. It's like... a little wonderland of vintage goodness! It makes me happy when I look at all the fun goodies you've so lovingly collected. It's kind of like "The Best Of Magpie"!
PS: I'm so honored that the little goodie I sent you has a cozy little spot in there! :)


you have the best stuff!! :-)


Oh these cabinets are so cute and filled with so many treasures:) Love it.

Shelley Germann

I know I commented on the original post of these adorable cabinets but I have to say it again....they are awesome! I would love to have a spot like this for just such a displays. The only thing different? In my house I'd be the one building them! Hubby hates that stuff!


I remember the cabinets well, but somehow I must have forgotten the honeycomb owls. I love a lot of things in those cabinets, but those owls are the best!


This is a cabinet I have drooled over since you had it built. I have often showed it to my darling husband who thinks it is genius as well. The numbers are perfect for it. What a nice way to skip down the hallway and smile each day. Smiles...Renee

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