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March 01, 2012



You love a lot of the same things I do, so I always enjoy checking out your blog. But what I admire most about you is your willingness to rescue those uncared for vintage items-to renew them/save them. Well done!


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha......

I am so glad yours is the first blog I look at! I think he made the right choice of being an Easter Chick.
Glad he had some fun first dressing up to figure out which one he liked best! I can start my morning off with a smile now
Thanks Laurie!!

Musings from Kim K.

Your chick is quite the fashion model. His pirate outfit was adorable, but his Easter outfit is definitely red carpet worthy. Bring on the Easter decorations!


We all go through these phases, but I'm glad he made the sensible choice. A bow tie and a flowered top hat - that's living!

Antiques GaloreGal

He's adorable! I think I like him best as an Easter chick, but I gotta say the pirate was pretty cute!


How cute you fixed him all up and gave him a new life!!


He is adorable. Thanks for saving him and dressing him up for Easter. Do be mindful of his dark tendences toward piratery. Better to be safe than sorry.


Great post, I laughed out loud! And, oh yes, he has found the perfect home with you!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I don't know, somehow I think you might not be able to pin this guy down to being just one thing. He looks pretty darn snazzy as a pirate!

Into Vintage

How fortunate for this little guy you had an extra googley eye that was just his size and color.

And by extra, I'm guessing there's an entire vintage suitcase filled with googley eyes. :-) Love his bow tie! Very snappy.


I love happy endings.

Lisa W.

Easter Pirate .... I love it !


I didn't see this one either...only you! Perfectly at home. Smiles...Renee


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! The pirate chick is so funny!

It's also funny that you "felt sorry for him." I just bought an "Infant from Prague" (Jesus as a little boy) sculpture for the same reason. His fingers are broken off and I felt sorry for him and think I can make new ones from paper clay. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks this way!


I think your little guy's got lots of confidence to be wearing a pink hat to match his pink legs. Not every guy can pull off that look. Love him, and your post. You are too funny. Thanks for starting my morning off with a chuckle.

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