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March 06, 2012


Musings from Kim K.

Another fabulous collection. I That blue bird is especially charming! I'm glad you were able to do some serious dumpster diving to find those Claus cuties.


What time do we go diving tonight? I have a headlamp I can borrow from the boys. They use them for scouts. It will free both hands. Love those ears and the Santa couple is cute. I adore your will! Smiles...Renee


Love the bird, but Santa and the Mrs. made me laugh. Christmas egg cups - who knew?

Linda @ A La Carte

I love egg cups and you have some great one's! I have a few vintage one's and they are treasures to me!


Can you and Renee swing by Ohio tonite and pick me up?
I definately want to come!!
A dumpster, a drive by, an alley hop~I'm there. STOP THE CAR!!!!
Cool egg cups btw!! Love the blue bird~where oh where did you get it????

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Oh Laurie, I like you even more now that I know that you're a dumpster diver! I haven't done that in years, but I'd do it in a second if I knew there were treasures in there. But nowadays I'd wear gloves and probably have a stepladder with me. SO much easier to get in and out. Another fun collection!


Love the dumpster story..especially since you had good results. I just picked up a cup like the middle one with the bunny holding it up. So cute!

Into Vintage

Is there room for one more in the car with you, Renee, and thriftmaven? I heart all of you!

I think this is one my favorite collections of yours -- there's just something about filling an empty head with a hard-bolied egg that makes me laugh.


Hee Hee Hee....

I can picture you out there "Dumpter Diving" after dark LOL. My kind of girl!! It always amazed me what people consider junk or garbage.I'm glad there's people like all of us that rescues all of the "Unwanted Treasures" and give them love again.
Thanks for sharing :-)


Oh, what a cute collection! My favorites are that adorable salty sailor, the sweet bunny ones, and the bluebird one. I saw a bluebird one like that many years ago and kick myself for not buying it. I did buy a pie bird from the same maker though and I love it!


It just does not register in my mind when people think that stuff is junk. Just don't get it. Kudos to you for diving in for the rescue!!!
Love that little birdie cup. 8+)


Love your egg cup collection. Do you fill it with hard boiled colored eggs at Easter? I love the wooden pair, they are sweet :)


I just love your egg collection!!!

Jeannie DiMauro

Oh Laurie! This post made me think of my best friend of many, many years and all the dumpster diving we did! As we got older we'd trade-off being in the dumpster vs staying out in order to help the other one get in or out... lol. (I don't think we ever even thought of taking a step-ladder...duh!) Anyhow... those were the good ol' days... she died about ten years ago and I've never found anyone else brave enough to try it... so... my dumpster trips are very limited, but I'm still up for poking around with a stick or something... but I am afraid to crawl in at my age... lol! As always, I love seeing your 'stuff'. Keep it up! Jeannie

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