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March 24, 2012



Oh that green glass container was worth the trip! I would faint if I ever saw one.


That towel is awesome! And love your donkey. I have one just like it except it is 3 inches long and made of ceramic. Oh, and MUCH lighter :)


Been in the garden all day and wow would that donkey have been great to haul all the plants around. Oh you mean you had to haul him? No deal...but he is cute enough to watch the wonderous Magpie Ethel cart away. Glad you had fun in a garden too...smiles...Renee

Mary Ann

Oh, I would have loved to see a close-up of the green glass cookie jar. It appears to be Depression glass, the Princess pattern. Oh, I'm so jealous.


Okay, I'm lovin' that fan, and those deer are great. Looks like you had another great day of shopping for fun treasures!

chris mckinley

I agree with Renee, it is Depression glass and the pattern is Princess!! My mom and collected green Princess together for years.
I LOVE the deer and fawns!



Wow you donkey has ears! Much better condition then I found last week (o: good score!


Oh, you are right, that donkey cart is the BEST! How big is it?
I took the opportunity to get out in the garden so only hit one sale and luckily I didn't drive too far because it was a dud. I got one of the few vintage hats I have ever found and it is a pretty sorry excuse for a hat, at that - LOL!


Like your post caption.....Made me wonder why it said "Hee-Haw". Didn't know if you were happy or maybe you found a bunch of country things or what. You did save the best for last though! LOL
Hope you're keeping the donkey cart.
Thanks for sharing!

Musings from Kim K.

Your outdoor statues are just perfect...especially that donkey cart. I remember the post about your plastic dishware. That cake plate is a nifty addition. I'm glad you were able to find some treasures.

Plucky Maidens

Oh, the concrete! There's a shop which, you would love, called Prize in Ashland. They were selling concrete creatures for outrageous prices. One like your Mama dear was $325! Nice haul, Ethel!


The cement donkey is a super great find! And I really like the wooden version and the red wheelbarrow. You had a very good day!!

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