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March 22, 2012



Oh, I am so on board! I do love to see the snow and the snow is better when it melts quickly but still... March.... really??


We've had crazy weather here too....Rain, hail, snow and sun all within an hour :-O I'm soooo ready for sunny Spring weather now.
At least your lambs have fleece to keep them warm. Love the last pic of the lamb in the snow.....Cute!
Have a great weekend.
Maybe a sale or two lined up?

Musings from Kim K.

That's wild! I'd expect that in MI but not in your area. Darling lamb.


Brrrr is right! As much as I love the look of the fluffy white stuff..I have developed a fondness for our liquid sunshine, followed by the real thing! Down side? High of 86 expected today...and some of that liquid stuff to follow. Love the snowy lamb! *e*

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

What?! Snow? Crazy weather for sure! We've been having 80s for a while now, and our normal is only 50. Kinda makes you wonder what summer is going to be like, doesn't it? Oh, and I LOVE your house!


Do remember those paint spinner projects we used to do in school. I feel very much like our weather has been put in a spinner. (in girl scouts we used to use a turn table to do this). We have been given your rain, you have been given Kim's snow and Kim has been given our heat! Somebody put another spoon of paint in so we can change the weather...smiles...Renee

Linda @ A La Carte

Cute cute lamb!!


We still have some snow left over from yesterday. I'm really ready for spring and sun and flowers!!


Having lived in PDX, I bet you're glad it's snow and not an ice storm! The azaleas and roses are just around the corner...


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