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March 04, 2012



Congratulations! You made it through your "Lasts" I think Kate's High School is going to miss having you chair things now.
The decorations for the auction looked fabulous! Glad it went well.
Bon Voyage!
On to your next adventures :-)


Oh how fun to hear about this! I've got a few years to go yet, but loving "most" of it! The auctions are a ton of work and yours looks wonderful!
I was in charge this year (with another creative soul) for the LIVE auction displays.....you know, making them "Pop"!
It's always a challenge, but fun at the same time.
Enjoy your time off.....

sue hagood

Laurie, Where did you find that cool barnwood paper? Thanks, Sue/BirdSong xoxo


Laurie, it all looks great! And I was going to also ask where you got the barnwood paper.
I know you will enjoy not doing some of the many things you've done for years but I bet you will miss some of it??

Into Vintage

Funny! I wondered about the barnwood paper as well. I am impressed with how great this looks -- like a movie set! Your attention to detail (that poor fellow who didn't bid...) really makes this come alive!

Once the year of 'lasts' is behind you, I wish you many years of 'firsts.'


ARggHRH Matey...great use of stuff..looks awesome. Congrats for making it through 20 years of being a stay at home...do your kids know how fortunate they are to have a Mom like you?? I managed to stay home till my baby went to kindergarten...then I got a job in the lunch room where both boys went! I loved it...them not so much! I knew they were in trouble before THEY knew they were in trouble! :o} *e*


Huh! and here I was complaining about the fifth grade farewell book. Perhaps you would like to join my committee. The phone that doesn't stop ringing! Did you do this did you get that.....You party looks far more fun and amazing to boot. The hoops we jump through for our kids. To the kids...cheers...Renee

Musings from Kim K.

Your pirate auction/party looks absolutely fabulous. All the little details are perfect. What a cool theme. A job well done!


Sounds like one of the transitions in life we women go through.


WOW~marvelous event!! So creative and fun I bet for those who attended. Such a good MOM!! and all those years of volunteering have boosted your karma!! (look at all your luck at sales!) ;-)


Looks like fun. I bet you had a good time decorating. No wonder your little chick thought he should dress as a pirate... he just wanted to fit in.

Any big ideas for your soon-to-be new-found freedom?


It looks like you went out with a bang [insert sound of canon fire]! I have very fond memories of my years chairing the Spring fundraisers when my kids were in elementary school but I can also understand you being ready for the last one. High five for being a very special mom!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again....."I bow to your greatness". (Picture me genuflecting.)

Congrats on owning your precious treasure-hunting time again!

chris mckinley

What a great looking auction!! I understand the "lasts". I have 5 girls and the last one graduates from UO this year!!


Tammy Soave

Awesome theming! Last year was my year of lasts! Now this year is a year of FIRSTS! While it is sad see all the lasts, you'll learn to love the firsts!


That school will be sad to see you go I am sure. You always do such a great job with everything you take on. I am winding down my high school years as well. My husband had to attend a soccer meeting tonight and was grumbling about how many he has gone to and I reminded him~ 2 short years and all 4 kids will be out of high school and no more mandatory parent meetings WHOO HOO! I say that but you know I will be bawling my head off when my babies are all off to college...sniff :(

Shelley Germann

I have no doubt this comittee will miss you and you wonderful creativity! I'm still four years away from my last leaving the nest. I am torn for sure. Looking forward to lots of me time, but I will miss them terribly!

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