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March 14, 2012



Ya's like what Ya's like/love-yes? Funny isn't it.... to show someone something you've found that you LUV and the look on their face can make you laugh out loud! To each his own! Keep pickin that grass!


Tomorrow night I am going to dinner with my two best friends from high school. I haven't seen them in 30 years. I have no idea what to talk about......how to read pottery marks....the history of Redmon baskets.....why the old wooden Scrabble tiles are cooler than the new plastic ones.......no one knows the REAL me as well as my blog friends! Wouldn't be fun if we could all get together and discuss vintage Easter Grass and chenille stems and all things made in Germany and Japan? Oh, it would be swell!

Lynn S

I know I understand about the Easter grass! I have the old stuff and I only put it in the baskets my grandkids use for the day. I take out their candy before they go home and bag it up. The basket and the good grass stay with me!! Thanks for the interesting column!

Musings from Kim K.

I'm totally smiling at this post. I actually have vintage Easter grass that I saved from one of the baskets that was in my grandparents basement. Your pink bunny graphics are super cute on your packaging.


You had me at Easter grass. In fact I think you were the one that explained it to me a while back. I recently had the opportunity to view a small package (not near as sweet as these) inside a case at a local flea. Clearly on the label it stated wax. One thing I liked was how fine it was shredded. But I clearly remember the grass smelling like candy not plastic like today. I would savor every strand of this...beautiful...smiles...Renee

Meri Wiley

Oh I get you sister! Vintage anything is usually 10 times better than new regardless of what it is.
Anytime before 1970 things were actually made with craftsmanship, care, quality, etc., and anything made prior to the 1950's is just pure gold. Even things made in plastic and paper were of such a high quality compared to today's crap. In today's market, you'll easily spend $5 on a plastic toy made with zero integrity and about $.20 of plastic.....just look at the price of gas, $4 a gallon are you joking? It only cost's them about $.80 to process the stuff...okay, I'm just blowin' smoke, but you understand the anger.

Anyhoo, I'll get off my soapbox, cause it looks like you need to get some mowing done....;o)

Big Hugs,

Lisa W.

Yes I do!!... but I did not realize that the packages were so cute till recently.... yours of course are adorable ! Thanks for sharing Laurie !


I agree with Shara, we need to get a group together that just "gets each other". I love the old grass-it is SO much better than anything new. And like you I adore the graphics on the package. Why a good font can make me giddy!
We may be a rare breed but it is nice to know that we aren't alone, there are others in the world. Judging by the amount of "flea market style" magazines out there we aren't the only ones with good taste! You keep up the good work of supplying our eye candy.

My Shabby Roses

I get it! Easter grass maybe isn't my thing but old paper...ribbons etc... yeah, I get it.
See you this week-end,


I understand. Really, I do. The new stuff is icky. It doesn't fluff and scrunch right.

I will never judge you. You can talk to me about anything vintage, anytime.

Especially glitter.


Maria (Magia Mia)

I can assure you that your readers are doing anything but shaking their heads. Anyone who is a regular here is so because they "get it". :)

I get warm fuzzies seeing that old Flopsy packaging, as it reminds me of my childhood. You know how I feel about vintage supplies, so I couldn't pass up that grass either.


Oh my gosh you are so adorable and so is your blog! Yes! I get it! We love meeting like-minded friends across the globe. It's so much fun! Who else would care about a certain glue or bead or paper or Easter grass!? It's wonderful.

Hope you're having a great week.



Oh Laurie, I learned about how fabulous vintage Easter grass is from your blog! Now I hunt for it and have quite a little stash that I LOVE! I have always loved vintage items, but I love the way you will open our eyes to the cute graphics, fun colors or just plain coolness of vintage items that most people might overlook. And your so right, without blogs all of us like minded gals would never get to discuss all this great stuff! Cuz my friends and family sure don't get it like my blog friends do :)


Well leave it to you to have found lots of vintage Easter grass. I've never seen any such animal but sure would grab it up if I did see it.


I get it on the Easter Grass too!
I was thinking it yesterday when I was stuffing it in my containers and baskets. The plastic stuff is horrible when you're trying to make small chicks sit right in them. It's too bouncy or something so things just don't sit right.There's no give or something to it. Plus the old stuff looks so much more realistic.I think I know who has all of it now though LOL! I'll have to keep my eyes open for the vintage grass now. Maybe I'll find some since you're not in this area :-)


Hi Laurie!

As a vintage liver myself, I "get it" lol I agree, the old stuff is better. I think I will write these guys a letter, and tell them to make it like it used to be made. Even the colors of the egg dye is crap now. I like the pretty pastels, that used be. Don't give me neon colors, and tie dye. Uggg! I have to keep my eye out for this grass now. If I find some, I will share it with you my friend!



I just feel sorry for the people who have no idea what the "real" things are like...who never had it as a child, or cherish today. I guess they will look back on plastic Easter grass and have fond memories?????


I found a bag of vintage grass last weekend and I was so excited !!! I love it.
Having said that, I wonder if in 30 years from now, ladies will be looking for that "great old plastic grass we used to have when we were kids"? Just a thought.


Alas, I've never encountered vintage Easter grass but would surely snap it up if I did! Better quality and great graphics in vintage packaging - what's not to love?

Into Vintage

The comments on this post are as interesting as the post itself.
:-) I love that you know what you love and are darn proud of it, sister! Your collections are fascinating and even if we all aren't into the same vintage stuff, we understand where you're coming from.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think I can count on one hand, with fingers to spare, how many people I personally know who would "get" this! I love the old grass too, and I still have some in my baskets from when I was little. They're priceless!

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