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April 10, 2012



Wow Laurie, great stuff! I have the same large celluloid stork you have pictured, plus an much larger (45") paper mache one. There were two of theme at the sale where he was purchased.. Wondering if his sibling resides with you?


100 congratulations for making it this far! I suspect you'll get to 150 easily!

Kim G.

Swoon. Love the storks! 100's of vintage goodies, but only one you. You are an original. These pictures made my day happy. Happy day!


WOW is all I can stay to this!!


Congrats on reaching 100! I haven't missed a one and I'll be there at 150.

Crafters beware. This is not the town to come looking for spun cotton heads, storks, Christmas stickers, etc.

Happy sunny day!


100 collections and a collection of 100's. I used to think I was a collector...not anymore. You are the queen and I love all the fun things you collect!! I'm glad you will keep the collections coming.
:>) Annette

Musings from Kim K.

Happy 100. I'm looking forward to 100 more collection posts!! I always enjoy your studio and your honeycomb collection is simply magical. I'm especially loving your hankie pillows. There are a few posts that I've missed over the years and I've had fun going through your blog.


Congratulations on your 100th post!

Thanks for making me feel "normal"
LOL.....thought I was the only "Organized Hoarder" out there :-)Of course you outnumber me in the quantity of goodies. So much fun to look at. Can't imagine you stopping your Collections Challenge.
Thanks for sharing!


No....I don't even think I have a hundred hankies. I need to get to shopping I mean collecting. Please don't stop these are such fun. I cannot even imagine having anything more than you. You are my encyclopedia. Love it all...smiles...Renee


Congratulations on number 100!! I love to read them so I'm glad you decided to keep going. I am looking forward to the next 100.

Shelley Germann

All those items make my head spin! What collections! You've been collecting things I would have never dreamed to keep, but it all looks good together. For whatever reason, seeing all those spun heads in jars gave me a chuckle! Congrats on making it to 100!

Lisa W.

Thanks for all of those happy Tuesdays ! I have enjoyed all of the Collector Challenge posts so much ... and tonight is no exception !


That was by far my favorite collection challenge! Your 100th challenge and items you have over 100 of...Brilliant! I bow down to the QUEEN of Collecting (and the displays are pretty great too!)Keep em' comin!



(That's 100 "O's" just for you. Love all your stuff and if I ever come to Oregon, I which museum I am going to first - Magpie Ethel's!)

chris mckinley

Wow!! I, like the others who have posted spoken before me.. so glad you are going to keep on sharing!


Into Vintage

Just incredible!! And all of it is so fun to look at and learn about, especially the particulars of what you collect. You're the only person I know who makes collecting vintage paper cups interesting!

You're also the only person I know who collects vintage paper cups. :-) Looking forward to the next 100, Ethel.


Wow!!!! I don't know if I am more taken with the items or the organization. You amaze and inspire me.
I just can't wait until your book comes out and I can see it all in one place. :-)


You have an amazing collection(s)! I am drooling over the rick rack--my favorite.


oh the rick rack, love that stuff!!! my mom allways had that in her sewing box!!!
I love the dice to, we have a ton of them in old mason jars and my kids love playing with them:) I so love seeing all your treasures!!!


Happy 100!! Wow, you have some amazing treasures!! Love the dixie cups, wrapping paper, and hankies!! Oh, you have such a great eye and collection!! Thanks for sharing so much eye candy!! ;) xo Heather

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