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April 17, 2012



I would've never thought in a million years to ask you to show me your collection of advertising labels or ribbon :-)They do look good stacked together......like the little penguins on top too.Can't believe the things you find there!
We're finally going to get some sunny weather here for the weekend. Hope the same for you!
Thanks for the ideas and sharing.

Into Vintage

I don't know why but I am really intrigued by that laundry ribbon. I've never seen that before and I want to wrap Christmas gifts with it! And those meat stickers - perfect Christmas card seals!

Another fine collection, Ethel.


The font on that Laundry twine is divine...do you ever feel like you have to use it? It always worries me to use such lovelies because they are so rare but what else can you do? Love your newest collection! Smiles...Renee


I think it's amazing that you've found 3 of those spools. I'm sure most companies would just toss them out... unless, of course, they have employees who see things like that being throw out and take and squirrel them away somewhere.
Oh, the thimble flowers are soooo cute.


The things you find never cease to amaze me! And I know all too well the one, two, three how easy it is - LOL!

chris mckinley

Another sweet collection!



What a sweet collection!! Love those sweet birdies!! Too cute!! Those stars are so cool, what are they made out of? xo Heather


I like your comment about how easily collections are made, most of the time you don't even realize you are collecting and the next thing you know you have 5 birds and people are buying you birds (or snowmen, or keys, or whatever) for Christmas. LOL!


Happy Spring Laurie! I have so enjoyed catching up on all the collection challenges. 100 of 100 I think is my favorite. I have missed visiting your blog, where a smile is just a collection away! Elizabeth

Shelley Germann

It never ceases to amaze me the things you find. Your estate sales seem to be so much better than ours. I've been first in the house many times and never found near the stuff you do. Sometimes I wonder if the shops take some of the good stuff for themselves. In fact, one time my mom was looking at a box of Christmas ornaments she found tucked away with no price. She found the person running the sale (a well known local estate seller) and asked the price. Right in front of her he said to his wife, "Oh, you'll want these." Can you believe it? I just wonder how much he "charged" himself!

Anyway, didn't mean to go on a rant....the reason I had to comment is, I STILL have the picture of those pincushions on my computer (from when you first bought them.) My question for you is, do they have seven sides? By my count, they should. I really would like to take a stab at making them one day!


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