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April 24, 2012


Antiques Galore Gal

Wish I could shop here you shop!!! I can never find all the neat things you find!


My fave is the animal print one. Of course all the other ones are neat too. Thanks for making me look at things in a different way now.So much fun to look at your blog!
Have a great day.....We've been hot and humid down here and now it looks like we're heading for a cool down and rain....Crazy!


Oh boy...a weakness of mine. That barn yard scene is amazing but I am taken by the grey and green one with the octagon frame. Can you just imagine a room with that in it. I miss these old flat papers. Now they try too hard and they are all too shiny. Thanks for sharing...you purged? Smiles...Renee


If that cute little table is going to Plucky I want first dibs,
:>). I rarely see vintage wall paper when I shop, but I don't get to the estate sales early and often as you. Love that last floral!!


oh so gorgeous! that animal print is the cutest thing i've seen in a while! and that last floral is amazing!


Those tiny prints are super cute! There's a 'Musing Mama' that might like some for her doll house walls! That double border print is REALLY colorful, I'd use that now! Can you frame some of them? Wish I was in Oregon (I don't say that often) to come to the sale, I'd have to have some!


Love the wallpaper!

When I watch a movie and there's wallpaper in the background, I lose all sense of the movie because I'm thinking about the wallpaper... how old? where I could use it? I haven't found any in a long time except some newer paper but it's still cute... etc.

Enjoy a cool day... good for packing.




The vintage wallpaper looks perfect in the back of the little stand. I like the animal one,too. My house was built in the 40s and the inside of my bedroom closet is has old wallpaper with little children playing on the beach. I have never updated that closet because I love that old wallpaper!


Love the farm one with that cute cute cow and really love the green in that green frame!!!

chris mckinley

Love the ring around the rosie kittens!!Like the others, I rarely seen vintage wallpaper. Maybe I need to look a little harder!!



Oh, completely stunning!! I love the kitty one!!! I really need to get some vintage wallpaper!!! I love how you covered the back of the dresser!! So sweet!! Thanks for showing your beautiful collection!! xo Heather

Into Vintage

You purged? Without me? ;-)

I really love those medallion prints and that animal print is SO charming. I'll take 10 yards of everything, please.

Thanks for sharing, Ethel! See you at Plucky Maidens.

Mitzi Curi

I can't believe I never thought to ask you to show us your wallpaper collection! It's a passion of mine. Well, I'm glad someone else was on the ball! We had the red wallpaper in our living room when I was a kid. The papers with the kittens and other figures are very "you"! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa W.

What a Great collection .... and you know how to use it too !

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