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April 03, 2012


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I was going to say that they just don't make cute shades like they used to, but those new floral ones are gorgeous! Love every single one of your lamps, especially the one that doesn't light up. Her face is comical yet very sweet!


It is hard to pick a favorite from that wonderful collection but I do have a soft spot for lamps in the shape of that green one.
Someone needs to ask me to show my collection of hardwood floors so I will clean those - LOL!


Love your lamps and lampshades!
The only lamps in our house are in my daughter's room...a yucky metal reading lamp and one shaped like a teapot.Your lamp/shades collection is making me look at them differently now :-)
The mushroom looking one in your kitchen is too cool! Cute touch with the girl finial. I got sidetracked when I eyeballed your Christmas wreath in the background LOL
Thanks for sharing :-)


I tried so hard to pick a favorite. You know I have a soft spot for lamps. Another accessory that seems to be dying. Such a shame because they add such character and drama to a room. Anyway, I couldn't pick a favorite because I was so distracted with all the other goodies in your pictures. From the luck frame to the gorgeous bling wreath. This is a beautiful collection....smiles...Renee


Have to ask: do you rewire? I have on occasion, but it's not my favorite thing to do. I adore that bird lamp, and the green clip-on is a close second!


Oh, I love the bird lamp and the one with the cherries hanging from it is DIVINE, but I also loved the little peek into your decorating. Adorable, of course :)

Carol Tootalian

I know this blog posting is about vintage lampshades (and your collection is most impressive), but I was totally fixated on the awesome gold chair with the checked pillow and floral skirting. You have the best stuff! ~Carol

Chris - A Little Creation

Lamps are my all time favorite item to collect and make. If I can get a threaded rod in it I will turn it into a lamp.
Chris =]

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