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April 21, 2012



oh my what a great haul! i love those little spun cotton heads but really rarely find them! and the halloween stuff! that must have been a great sale!

Musings from Kim K.

You had me at Halloween! Love your latest haul. Happy weekend!


Could the turkey be for stuffing with candy? I love your black cat with no face. You definitely had some fun this weekend!! I must now go back to Plucking!


Long time lurker on your blog. Always love your estate sale hauls and am usually quite jealous. (Love your crafts too). Anyway, the reason for delurking is to comment on the turkey. Yes, it is a vintage/antique turkey candy holder. I just lost out on one on ebay. It was roughly 3" tall and the turkey stood on a papier mache base. I have seen larger ones go for over $100, some even over $200. So, depending on the size of the one you found, you could resell for a pretty penny. Going back to being a jealous lurker.


I have two little lawn chairs like those. No kiddos to sit in them, but I love them just the same.

Love all that holiday stuff. Great finds as always.


I was coming to say candy container also. But who knows why on earth we needed candy containers shaped like turkeys for T'giving in the first place. Weird! LOL


Hmmm! That Diet dr. Pepper looks quit out of place? Shame they can't make them in retro cans for girls like us! Fantastic haul of honeycomb and tin. That pink color ribbon spool is spectacular. What a gorgeous shade. I wonder what they put those patches on? Smiles...Renee


Awesome, awesome, awesome finds! (So awesome that I kept typing aewsome I was so excited for you!) How do you find such great holiday items? I rarely find good Halloween or Christmas things. What do you think you might do with all those apple patches?

twinkle beverages

My husband and I were watching the local news where they had a story about a Make a Wish child that wanted to play in the snow. So, he spent a week in Park City, Utah. I thought about it and told my husband that I wanted to visit an orange grove. But, I've changed my mind...a walk thru your studio would be the best! I am so inspired by what you find. I am so glad that you take care of all your special treasures. It is fun to see how people solved problems back then. Have a splendid weekend.


Wow....looks like you had a vintage holiday haul with Christmas, Thanksgiving (turkey) and Halloween!
Love the Jack O'Lantern and the turkey.
Now why would we judge you about the orange chenille? LOL.You can never have enough chenille or glitter (wink)
Been busy hanging outside with hot weather finally. Missed your sale too!!
Glad you found lots of goodies :-)


Love all of your wonderful find!


{{Big sigh}} You did GOOD. And kudos to you for having the time to get out there this close to Plucky!


Grabbed my Thanksgiving collectibles book, which has more information than you might want, but yes on the candy container. The value depends on a lot of factors, especially size - anywhere from $35 to $850 for a German paper mache one in excellent condition. (The $850 is for a 13 1/2 inch one.) A lot of the German ones were made in
Thuringia (toy producing region) between 1895 and 1939. Aside from all that: super cute! It's hard to find good Thanksgiving collectibles!

chris mckinley

Such success at shopping!!! As usual! Sales are picking up in my area...hoping I have as much good luck as you.!!



Great turkey! Your fans already gave you all the info you need about it so I won't repeat.
Maybe you can use the orange chenille (love it) to make a face for the black cat.
Enjoy the sun today.


Jealous!! I spent the weekend selling stuff when it appears I shoulda been out shopping! Nice score on the candy container and jack-o-lantern :)


Great haul! I have that same black cat. I actually thought of you last year when I put mine out, wondered if you had him, now you do! Mine doesn't have a face either, but I kinda like him like that. Love your tin halloween items and that turkey is saaweeet!


What great finds!! I went to an estate sale on Friday, but did not get as many vintage treasures as you!! Just love them all, especially the pixies!! ;) xo Heather

Kim G.

Wow! You did great at these sales! I love your old turkey, he is just lovely! And that is the same jack-o-lantern pail that I have! Now we are twins! Loved the pedestal you made!

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