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April 14, 2012



Love the red stool. My grandma had one in her kitchen my entire childhood and I have fond memories every time I see one. And your barkcloth curtains are great! Are you going to hang them or turn them into something?


Vintage barkcloth and ornaments with little scenes in them - heaven!!!! Ya done good, girl.


OOO! Magpie! Stop by and check out the nightstands I got for Mary's bedroom. The estate sale started at 8 am, but I couldn't get there until 9:30 am because I had to wait til the kids were off to school. I totally figured I was wasting my time and that the bedroom set would be sold, but nobody had taken it! For only $25 each, real wood, perfect for her room, I think I floated for the rest of the day!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'll admit, I couldn't figure out why that swan was in the pictures, but I figured you had a good reason for it! And it's always a good sale when there's vintage Christmas stuff!


Panorama ornaments are one of my favorites! I'm sure the swan will turn out looking magnificent (somehow!)

chris mckinley

Love the barkcloth and the swan!! A good weekend!!



Get out of town right now.....I have one...one. Diorama ornament that I found years ago and have yet to find another and you found a box.....I die...at least they went to the best person possible...I would have called it success just for the box. Thank you for the smile. Can't wait to see the swan...smiles...Renee


Oh, such beauties!! Love the bark cloth!! It is gorgeous!! ;) xo Heather

Into Vintage

Um, we might need to have a conversation about that awesome barkcloth..

Loving those ornaments!


oh my gosh! i would have picked up every single thing you did! i LOVE those ornaments, and the swan! i have been wanting a swan like that to put in my garden but haven't found one yet.

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