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April 06, 2012



I love old catalogs. So much fun!


:-0 Did you hear me gasp down here? What a haul! I look at things so differently now because of your blogs. I would've never thought of the garbage can for a planter. Love the elephant....I have a couple of elephant squeak toys too.You must have luck with all those leprechauns of yours!
Thanks for sharing.I'm getting in the mood to hit some sales now :-)
BTW....Cool catalogs.

Collector of Many Things

The crocheted eggs are a nice little easter find that have that little extra craft plus to them.

chris mckinley

I knew it when I saw you had a new post up... Two more amazing Estate sales. I think I may need to take a trip to the Portland area!! OMG! what wonderful finds!



What a SCORE!!!! I've been resisting going out thrifting, but then I see your treasures and the bug bites me again.


Good job! Was one of the sales the one on 80th? Working yesterday, of course, so heading over there this morning.
A little secret... I love the "putting away" part, so much that sometimes I forget to take a picture first. I think I have a little squirl in me, hiding my nuts!

Musings from Kim K.

So many darn neat things. Another fabulous haul. I always enjoy your weekend finds.


The leprechaun is darling. I have missed estate sales as it has been a while. These look like fantastic finds and wonderful spools. Happiest of Easters....Smiles...Renee

twinkle beverages

The catalog...my favorite. What a great reference for you. Happy Easter to you and yours!


That was such a fun sale! I loved that the woman made notes on everything.. The past few weekends have been pretty amazing, sales wise. Can't wait for next one!


Don't you wish you could order right out of that catalog? I see a lot of familiar items on those pages.


Show me your collection of Oregon Souvenirs...I have to tongue in cheek say, "I love Portland" once a year when we have our annual battle of the memories in the game I created in 1981 BEFORE there was trivia!


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