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April 30, 2012


Musings from Kim K.

Fabulous. Another post to share with the hubby. I can't wait to finally have warm planting weather. Happy "almost" May!

My Shabby Roses

Your planter box is wonderful! I've always wanted planter boxes but have never taken that step. Your yard is so pretty...you inspire me.

one gal's trash

P.S. Hi Bluebell!


When the young Airman was stationed in Seattle he went out to his 1990 Honda one day to find the bumper on the ground behind the car. The Accord ran like a top but had come from the land where we salt the streets in the winter and the damp of the long Pacific Northwest just sucked it right off! Love those boxes and as the plants cascade it will look really nice! Good thinkin' Lincoln!


It looks great and your house is SO cute! What grows on that long horizontal trellis accross the top??


Love this!! Such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!! xo Heather


LOVE LOVE LOVE your window box! Should develop a beautiful weathered patina over time. Great Idea! :)

Glad you had a good show, I suppose after that one it's good to be all plucked out :)



Your yard looks beautiful!I would've never have thought to have someone make a galvanized window box!Fits right in with your garden.Love all the trellises you have too. It'll be even be more gorgeous once the plants really take off. I was also eyeballing what you could see in your studio LOL
Thanks for all the ideas and for sharing!


Laurie this looks strikes me. I wouldn't have guessed it would work with the grey on the house but it does...Bluebell tucked in so sweetly and all the green to off set the cool colors. Lovely as ever. You inspire me daily. I was just at the garden center. Smiles...Renee


Love it! What a perfect spot. I love a window box. Window boxes and awnings are home perfection. Very Mr. Blandings Dream House. I love everything about your house.
Thanks for sharing!


That's an amazing idea. (Especially the part about getting somebody to make it! I think sheets of metal might be outside my comfort zone!) Can't wait to see it billowing with flowers.


I like the galvanized metal idea! Now you've got me thinking of ways I can tweak this to use here in my yard.

Into Vintage

Sweet! It looks perfect out there -- the galvanized metal idea is brilliant. And of course I'm peeking around your yard as well, not to mention a quick look though the window trying to see what all the fun stuff is in there.

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