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April 23, 2012


chris mckinley

What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!


Musings from Kim K.

What a fabulous project. I can't wait to go look over her tutorial too.


Absolutely fabulous!!


Such clever and resourceful people out there in blogland!
I saw that project on Suzy's blog before and I totally forgot about it. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention. I can see you making more ;-) Such different looks too....Love them both!


DRIPS - I love that!! Are you going to use this for storage in your art room or display at Plucky?


Frankly, I think there ought to be a law against such vintage crafty cleverness! I'm coming right now to arrest you and ...ahem.... confiscate this item. Okay I'm really just going to confiscate this item. Okay, I'm really just going to steal it for myself and then I'll have to arrest myself!

You are amazing and so is Suzy!

Into Vintage

Love it! Imagine the possibilities, especially using things from your amazing stash.

These would make wonderful gifts.
Just sayin.'

Antiques Galore Gal

I love it, adding the "drip" was perfect! I think I have a matching pink sewing machine like you have on the wall. It's in my brick and mortar shop and it's electric. Very heavy and hums when plugged in. Doesn't work though! I haven't come across another one, although a few customers said they had them as a child.

Antiques Galore Gal

oops, guess it wasn't your wall the sewing machines were on.


Those spools are breathtaking. The deep colors...sometimes it is hard to put into words....this is unbelievably cute. What are you going to put in this? Smiles...Renee


This is amazing!! You are so talented and creative!! Love it!! Can't wait to see what treasures you put in it!! xo Heather

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